Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OTA school

I have been super stressed with OTA school lately. I started a year earlier than expected. When I got the call to start the program NOW I was shocked and excited. I was not mentally prepared for this though. I wasnt prepared at all for anything. The first week was very exciting. I made a new friend and shes super awesome. We get along great. Had my first friend lunch ever since I moved here to Florida. It was pretty awesome! Its nice to have someone to talk to and we have some cool things in common. We both love our dogs and we both love crafts!! So we talk a lot about crafts we've done over the year and our dogs lol. The program though, has been very difficult and stressful. Thank god for my husband. I have been so stressed out and am constantly moody from the stress, that hes always finding ways to make my days better. I never thought this program would be so accelerated and so vigorous. I have not had time for much lately, not even to cook like I used to, but my husband has been very good. Hes been very supportive as well. I didnt do too good on the midterm and I took it hard. I was angry with myself and I just started crying and wanted to give up. Im not used to having low grades so it was hard to accept. It was like a huge slap on my face. My husband helped calm me down by giving me lots of hugs and kisses. Hes a great man. <3 I am passing the class though so thats good. I have a huge final coming up and yup, im freaking out and stressing out. I have not been sleeping much because the teacher gave us a presentation to work on and only gave us 2 days to work on and we have a lot to study. Sleeping is not on my schedule this week so guess what my husband got me?! He got me a coffee maker because I told him I wanted one to drink coffee all night and study for this huge exam. Its been working in keeping me awake lol. I have 15 more  months of this vigorous course to go. Its gone be a very long stressful year and a half for me. I will no longer be able to blog or facebook much. Today I'm posting because I'm taking a much needed break but its time I go back to my studies. I'll be blogging again whenever I have a chance to take another breather and that wont be very soon :( Till then, bye bye!

Love my mini coffee maker my hubby bought me ^_^

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