Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Frosty Glittery Votive Candle Holder

Hello! Well I must say I am pretty upset that I was not able to post any of my Christmas Crafts because my laptop broke down. It just doesn't want to turn on! So I am using my husbands old laptop which is not that great but hey its something! At first I couldn't use it because there was a virus and all these pop ups kept coming up making it hard to browse the internet. But I am back now and able to post. So on with this votive candle holder! I made two different ones. One was for me and the other one was a mason jar that had all these Christmas gifts inside for my sister in law. She can also use it as a candle holder.

This is the one I made for my sister in law

So how did I make these? These were rather easy to make! There is a lot of tutorials out there on how to get this frosty look. I will show you how I did mine anyways so lets get started!

Materials needed
Clean Jars of your choice
Glitter of any color you like (I used pink, gold, and white glitter)
Paint Brush/Sponge brush

First you grab any jars you might have laying around or you can buy mason jars at your local craft store.

Now you will mix all the glitters you chose in a bowl. I used Gold, Pink, and White. Mix the glitters well. When you mix your glitters put as much as you want. Play with them. That is what I did until I was satisfied with how the mixture of glitters looked together.
Pour some ModPodge into the bowl and mix with the glitter. I did not measure how much to mix in the glitter. I wanted the mixture to look frosty so I started off by pouring ModPodge little by little in the bowl and mixed until I got a thick pasty consistency. I hope the next picture shows the consistency I got. There should be a lot more in the bowl but I had already covered my jars in the mixture. I realized I forgot to take a picture and did so before I finished.

It is time to cover the outside of your jars with the mixture. Spread in a patting motion all around the jar, For the mason jar I used one layer and for the little candle holder I used two layers.

Allow to dry for a full day. Once it is dry you will notice the jars are not white anymore. That's how you know they are dry. OR you can tough them to see if they are dry too. Now you are finished! Aren't they pretty?!

 They look so pretty lit up! You can put any small candle to illuminate the jars. I just love how they turned out!

That is it for today. I will post my Christmas owl pillows soon I hope. Even though Christmas is already over I will still post them. Oh and these glittery frosty votives can be given as gifts for any occasion! Until next time!


Friday, December 19, 2014

Reindeer Wall Art

Hello all! In this post I do have a tutorial! This is a reindeer wall art that I saw on Anneorshine's Youtube channel. I just love how hers turned out! Mine came out decent lol. I am still pretty pleased with the turn out. I wanted to add a red poinsettia to my reindeer like Anneorshine, but 1. I didn't want to copy her too much and 2. A red poinsettia wouldn't have gone with my blue, silver, and gold Christmas theme in my living room. My husband thought it would be best to just put a white one on it. I had a burlap poinsettia on it as well but my husband didn't like how it looked. He thought it was too much and it hid the reindeers ear. So I kept it with a simple white poinsettia. What do you think? Also, I would like to add that this photo had to be taken outside. I wish I could have taken one inside with all my Christmas décor but the lighting in my living room is terrible! There is basically no light in my living room. That's how this apartment is set up. I have a basic lamp but the photos were not coming out right so I had to take picture outside. You will see in a minute what I mean.
Here I added the blue poinsettia to see a different way to make it
Anneorshine's tutorial is on this link. http://youtu.be/oFbxYVVvL0U
This is what I did.
I used a 20X16 canvas. I first used painters tape and taped it on my canvas like so.

Then I began to paint the white parts with gold acrylic paint. This took several coats. I used a sponge brush and for some reason it just wasn't sticking to the canvas.
I used my fingers instead and got it to be somewhat opaque. I quickly added the gold glitter.
When I shook off all the glitter I noticed the glitter wasn't sticking very well so I decided to use my trusted method. ModPodge! Note: Do not do this on your carpet like I did! lol I had to move outside in the patio when using the glitter.
What I did here is I put one coat of ModPodge on the glitter that was already on the canvas. I let that dry for a little and then added more glitter to make it opaque. Then I added another layer of ModgePodge over that and let it dry for a few hours to seal in the glitter. Then I gently removed the painters tape.

Tada!! I let this sit for a day to completely dry. It was already late that night so I decided to leave it for another day. On to the reindeer head! Now I'm not a very good drawer like Anneorshine so I found this template on google search and used this one.
I cut traced the shape on cardboard that you can buy at Walmart and cut it out with a exacto knife.
Sorry this is so gross! I had used the top of a pizza box to do this to show you an idea but I did not use this. I forgot to take a picture of the process with the cardboard I found at Walmart so I got the pizza box my husband had on the table and redid this to show you a picture of what I did. I dont have a picture of me glittering the reindeer head but I used the ModPodge method. I first put a later of it on the head and then covered it with glitter. I let it dry for 2 hours and then put another layer of ModPodge to seal in the glitter to prevent any fallout.

I found this little cup laying around that I dont use anymore. I painted it gold and let it dry. Last I placed this in the center of my canvas and hot glued it down. Last I hot glued the reindeer head on it and glued the white poinsettia. Sorry I did not take pictures of the entire process!! I totally forgot about it. When I craft I just get so into it that I forget to take pictures to provide a tutorial. I will try harder next time!

 I think I like it with the blue poinsettia better!


Chevron Christmas Wreath

Hello all. On this post, I don't have a tutorial on how to make this wreath. This is something I wanted to have on my kitchen wall. It took me days to figure out how I wanted this wreath to look. I found the burlap at Walmart and I had no clue as to what this wreath would look like but I just knew it would look so pretty because of the chevron. So here is what it looks like.
I just love the outcome!! I love everything glittery so that is how I figured out how I would decorate this wreath. Crazy story...I was at Hobby Lobby for 2 hours trying to figure out what I was going to put on this wreath! I was trying to imagine in my head what it would look like if I put this or that on the wreath. It was a bit frustrating to be honest. People would stare at me cause I was in the same spot for those 2 hours.

Then I remembered the glittery poinsettias I used to make my Santa Owl Wreath. I was lucky to find more of those flowers. Then I find the red and gold ornament pick. I knew now this is what I wanted!
Originally I had this without a bow. But I felt it wasn't complete. So the next day I bought some red burlap ribbon, made the bow, and glued it on top. Now it was complete!

I don't know if you can see the gold glitter lining on the red chevron but I just love that part so much!
It looks so pretty in person. If you go to Walmart you probably saw this chevron burlap on the Christmas section. When I saw it I just knew I had to get it and make something with it. hehe.
I will have another post of something I created with this chevron burlap. Hope you all have a wondering holiday!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Santa owl wreath

Hello! Today I have a cute Christmas owl wreath I made. Well, actually this owl wreath was already made for the Fall. I just changed it up to make it a Christmas owl. I changed the flowers which make the eyes to poinsettias and added a Santa hat. I think it looks so cute!

Sorry this blog is not very long. Just wanted to show the cute Christmas owl wreath I made. ^_^


Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Glittery Mason Jar.

Hello! I'm falling behind on positing my Fall crafts so I am posting 2 posts a day before the month of November ends. I  have just started working on Christmas DIYs that I can't wait to post! So I have seen many tutorials on how to glitter mason jars. I have always wanted to do one but never got around to it. I wanted to add a pretty floral arrangement in my bathroom to decorate for the Fall. I love glittery things so I decided why not glitter a mason jar with brown glitter and add some pretty flowers! Here is what my floral arrangement in my bathroom looks like.

The little Fall sign I made using a 5X9 canvas but I will post about that tomorrow.

I just love the glitteryness of this mason jar! I think I will make some glittery silver ones for my Christmas Theme in my living room!
One more picture! Haha. Until next time!


Fall Wall Art Canvases

Hello all! This month I have been a busy crafting bee! I wanted to make my own Fall wall art using 12X12 inch canvases. Doing these were very easy. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take pictures for a tutorial. With working full time and coming home to do my wife duties I don't get a chance to take pictures of most of my crafts for tutorials. I will try my best to put tutorials in the future. So here is the wall art I made for the Fall/Thanksgiving.

 I love the scrap book paper I used to make these Fall wall art. This project involved a lot of modpodge and glitter.
 This are Fall sticker I found at Hobby Lobby. I love how the leaves look on this one.


So what I did was buy some Fall scrapbook paper. You can find them at any craft store. I bought mine online. These are some of the materials you will need.

I forgot to put the glitter I used in this picture and I did not use the 5X7 canvases in the picture. Ok so the materials here are:
4 wooded letters
Fall stickers
Fall scrapbook paper
4 12X12 canvases
Mod Podge
Gold glitter
Sponge brush
Now on to the instructions!
Fill up the sink with water. Then dip one of the scrapbook paper into the water slowly. You have to be very careful doing this because if the scrapbook paper is too thin it will rip apart. The ones I used were thicker which saved me from destroying the paper.
Next place the wet scrapbook paper on top of one of the canvases and align them. Now lift the left side slowly and put some Mod Podge on the canvas. Smooth out. Do the same steps for the right side and smooth out. Put aside to dry and continue with the other canvases.. *Note: Sometimes air bubbles form so put a heavy book on top to keep it from forming air bubbles. I let mine dry overnight.
Once the canvases are completely dry spread Mod Podge all over canvas to seal and give it some shine. Let dry for a few hours. Now you can choose to either paint the sides of the canvases with paint or glue some pretty ribbon around them so the white sides wont show. This is optional. I painted mine.
Now on to the FALL letters.
cover each letter with Mod Podge and sprinkle with gold glitter all over. I used refined glitter instead of regular glitter. Let dry completely. Once dry, cover each letter with one layer of Mod Podge. This will seal in the glitter and prevent fall out. Let dry. For one of the L wall art pieces I placed the Fall leaf stickers around.  Now its time to glue the letters in the center of each canvas. One dry your wall art is now ready to be placed on your wall!
I really love how they turned out! They look perfect with the fall theme in my living room. Hope the instructions weren't too hard to follow. Until next time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fall Owl Burlap Wreath

It's been a while since I have blogged. I am terrible with managing my time. I have been working and learning a lot at my new job and married life that I have not had a chance to blog. Finally, I found the time to blog today! I have a few crafts that I made that need to be blogged. So last time I blogged, I wrote about my Burlap Owl wreath. I decided to update my wreath because I felt like it needed something. I added some glittered fall leaves that I glittered myself. I didn't get a chance to take a step by step photo for a tutorial but its rather easy. All you need is fake Fall leaves that you can purchase at any craft store, Mod Podge, and glitter. You first cover the leaves in Mod Podge and then cover with glitter. Let dry overnight and add another layer of Mod Podge. This keeps the glitter from falling out. If you want to do the back of the leaves follow the same steps. I didn't glitter the back sides since I was going to glue mine on my wreath. Here is what my Fall owl burlap wreath looks like now. I am very pleased with it now!

Close up of the glittered fall leaves.

So there you have it. By the way I have no idea how to resize these photos! Large is to big and Medium is too big. I can never get it the size I want. Anyways, there are more crafts coming!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Burlap lace and rose canvases

Hello! As many people may know, I am obsessed with burlap. I LOVE burlap. So a few months back I decided I wanted to make some cute burlap canvases with pink and white lace with pink and white roses. I wasn't sure how to go about it but I knew I wanted to make roses out of material. I was browsing google on how to make roses out of material when I came across several blogs on how to make t-shirt roses. I loved how they looked so I looked up youtube on how to make them. I got an old shirt of the college I went to and cut up strips to make these roses. I didn't have a pink shirt so I decided to dye some of those strips. I had some red food coloring that I had bought to make candles. I poured several drops in water and then just dipped the strips for an hour. I had to play it by ear because I did not know what I was doing here. lol I was afraid they were going to be too pink and I wanted a light pink. I was able to get the perfect light pink color through experimenting. I made sure I squeezed all the water out and just hung them with clothespins. I put a towel under the strips in case they dripped any water. I let them dry overnight. In the meantime I made the white roses and hot glued white and pink pearls in the center of them. I also decorated the burlap canvases with lace and ribbon. For the pearl flowers I just hot glued pearls into the shape of a flower and then put tiny string beads on each open corner. These were a pain in the butt to do. It takes a lot of patience to do because they will keep falling apart. I'm a jobless military wife who has lots of time in her hands so I have room for patience. lol Its been hard trying to find a job. It took me several tries to get them right. Once the pink strips were dry I proceeded to make the roses. It took me a few days just to figure out how I wanted to place these roses on the canvases but in the end I was very pleased with the turnout. I love how they look in my desk! Here is what they look like!

I am a bit disappointed that my pictures would not come out the way I wanted them to. The light that comes into my apartment is terrible. I wasn't able to capture the actual colors of the canvases. I used the flash too and I just wasn't happy with how they were coming out. So I took them with my Ipad. lol It was the only thing that capture the true colors of my canvases. Here are more close ups of my creations


So there you have it! My burlap, lace rose canvases! I have other crafts I have coming up so I can blog about them. Until next time!