Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY Valentines Clothespin Wreath

For some reason I thought I had posted about the Valentines Clothespin Wreath I made but I guess I didn't. Well here it is now. I usually make burlap wreaths for every holiday. I just love burlap but for Valentines I wanted to do something different. I found the idea of the clothespin wreath on December when someone made a Christmas wreath out of clothespins. I thought the idea was great so I decided to make one of my own. I am pretty pleased with the outcome! Here is what it looks like!

It is rather easy to make. All you need is

wire wreath form. (Mine is a 12 inch)
Clothespins( I bought 2 packs at the dollar store.)
Heart Jewels (bought at Joanns Fabrics)
Foam hearts (Bought at Joanns Fabrics)
Red ribbon
Pink Acrylic Paint or spray paint
An Owl frame (Optional...I bought mine at Target for $1)

I did this the hard way and I sort of regretted it. I hand painted each clothespin in pink chiffon. That took forever! I suggest spray painting. One they were dried I placed the clothespins (54 of them) around the wire wreath form. I put the clothespins on the last two inner wires of the wreath form.  Then I just hot glued the foam hearts and the jewel hearts on the wreath. The Owl frame is actually being held by the clothespins. Lastly, I cut off a piece of ribbon and wrapped it on the top of the wire form and hot glued the ends. Next I make a bow and hot glued it to the ribbons and glued a heart jewel in the middle. Easy right?! Hope you like it and find it easy to make!

Here is the wreath with the burlap garland and felt heart garland I made

Monday, January 13, 2014

Burlap Garland AND Heart Garland

Today I finished doing my heart garland made out of felt. Yesterday I made a burlap garland to go with my Valentines Day décor for my little office area in my apartment. I went all out on the pink, red, and white colors. lol Pink is my favorite color. It seems like a lot but its the only place my husband will allow me to put Valentines décor. Lol. He thinks its too girly girly to have around the apartment. So here are the garlands I made.
Tutorial on the clothespin wreath will be posted tomorrow as it is late and I am tired. So on to the tutorial for the burlap garland! Sorry I did not take pictures for each step.

All you will need is
Red yarn
Red sharpie
Hot Glue gun

1.) Start by cutting 6 triangles. If you want to make perfect triangles just make a stencil out of paper by making a triangle with a ruler. Cut that triangle and then pin it on the burlap and begin cutting.

2.) Color in some hearts in the middle of the triangles with the red sharpie. If you want to make perfect hears like me use a stencil. I'm a perfectionist. I used a precut foam heart, traced it on the burlap, and colored it in.

3.) Now glue the triangles on a long string of red yarn. I did not measure mine. I just played it by ear. What I did was I got a ball of yarn and spread the end of the string on the floor before cutting it off the ball. I then placed every triangle about 1 inch apart from each other. Make sure you leave 1 inch of yarn at each end of the garland as well. Once I had them placed, I turned them around to the other side, meaning, the back of the triangles were facing me, and then started hot gluing the red yarn on the very top of the triangles.

4.) Now you are ready to cut the yarn from the ball and put it on your wall!

For the heart garland you will need

Packages of heart shaped felts that you can buy at Micheals or Joanns Fabrics. I bought mine at Joanns. The brand is called Craft Essentials. I bought 3 different packages of hearts. I also hand made some of my own felt hearts. Here are some pictures of the ones I bought. The very tiny hearts you see in the middle of the hearts I found them at Target for $1. They are stickers so I sticked them in the middle.

If you want to make your own heart felts then you can do so. All you are going to need is felt of any color of your choice and heart stencils if you want to make them perfect like I do.

1.) I started off by tracing a big heart that came in the packages I bought to the felt. Then I cut it out.
2.) I found a small heart from the packages and traced that to a different colored felt. I cut that as well.
3.) I glued the small heart in the middle of the big heart with hot glue gun.
4.) I sticked the heart shaped felts I found at Target in the middle of the little heart.
5.)Using the same process I used in the burlap garland, I hot glued each heart 1 inch apart to a red string of yarn.
6.) Now place the garland on your wall!

You can mix and match the hearts to whatever colors you want to use. It all depends on your imagination!

I really enjoyed making these garlands as it was my first time making them. ^_^


Valentines Bird House

I went to Joanns Fabrics the other day and came across these cute bird houses that were on sale. They were $1.25 if I remember correctly. I could be wrong. I saw two that had hearts on them and I thought those would look cute as Valentines Day décor. So I bought two of them and also bought red and pink acrylic paints. I love glitter so I decided why not lets buy glitter! I bought pink and red extra find glitter. I got to painting as soon as I got home! At the same time I was working on my clay pot Valentines gumball candy dispenser. I used about 3 coats of paint for each bird house. Then I let them dry out for about an hour. Next with a brush I brushed the bird houses roof tops and bottom parts with Mod Podge Matte and sprinkled the extra fine glitter on them. Here is what they look like!

  Here is where I used my little Valentines Bird houses. I have a little office and I decided to decorate a small part of my office for Valentines. I know its early but I got to start getting ready for St. Patricks Day crafts in February. I am trying to do things one month ahead so I wont be behind on my blogs. I have been crafting like crazy for Valentines Day. You can see the heart shaped boxes I made from my previous blog post! lol I also made the clothespin wreath. The garlands I also made. I will be posting tutorials on how to make them on my blog soon!


Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY Valentines Day Heart Shaped Candy Box

I did these cute Valentines heart shaped boxes today. It doesn't necessarily have to be a candy box. You can use it for many things. You can put chocolate covered strawberries inside, homemade soaps, or jewelry. All you need is:

1 or 2 cardboard heart shaped boxes. (I got mine at Joann's)
Fine Red Glitter
Fine Pink Glitter
Mod Podge
Paint Brushes
Red Acrylic Paint (optional)
Light Pink Acrylic Paint (optional)
Cutout Foam Hearts
Glue Gun

Here is what the outcome will look like

To make these boxes just keep on reading!

First, I painted the boxes with acrylic paint. This is optional. I painted them because I didn't want any of the brown from the cardboard showing. I painted one box red and the other a light pink. Allow to dry

Next with another brush, apply mod podge to the entire box. Then add the glitter. Allow to dry!
For the heart shaped foams, I bought a bag at Joann's. With the glue gun, glue the heart shaped foam onto the top cover of the box.

Here is what it should look like now.
And now you have the final product. Now you can add whatever you like and give it to that special someone!
This can also be done with children under the supervision of an adult since a hot glue gun is being used. Hope this was easy to follow!

Valentines Day Clay Pot Candy Dispenser

Hi! I came across this idea through pinterest. I thought it was perfect to have in my kitchen for Valentines. I have never decorated in February and decided I wanted to this year. I had a lot of fun making these cute gumball dispensers! They were very easy to make. All you need is

Clay pots and the little plates that come with them
Glass candle holder
Acrylic paints
Wooden balls
Ribbon (optional)
Heart Stencil
Hot glue gun

Here is what they look like. Instead of gum balls I used M&Ms and Hershey's kisses.

I am in love with these cute candy dispensers!

Here is what they looked like before I painted them.

Now, I bet you are wondering why I am doing Valentines crafts this early? Because when the month of February comes, everything is pretty much gone and its hard to find supplies. Right now Joann's has just started putting out the Valentines stuff so I took advantage of it.

So how did I make these cute candy dispensers? Here is how!

I began by painting the pots and the plates. One I painted red and the other light pink. I used about 3 coats.

Once they were dry I used some heart stencils I had laying around that I bought from by Martha Stewart. Then I proceeded to putting the dots on the bottom rim of the pot and the top. Let dry.

Next I painted the wooden balls and allowed to dry. Last, I glued the balls on top of the plates with the hot glue gun and then glued the glass candle holder to the clay pot. That is it!

If you want to put ribbon around the neck of the candy dispenser you like I did then go ahead! As far as candy, you can put any candy you like. Anytime you want candy, just lift up the lid and grab some!  Hope you enjoy making these candy dispensers as much as I did!

Source where I got this from is here!


Happy New Year!

Well, its been a while since I have blogged. I suck at keeping up with my blog. I was however working the holidays and Vera Bradley. I love her brand so I got a job there to earn money for presents to give to my husband. I would come home way too tired to blog or anything. I wanted to share the Christmas décor I have around my home. I love decorating for the holidays! Here are some of the décor I had around our little apartment.

This is our Christmas Lego town. My husband and I love legos so throughout the years we collected the holiday legos.

We had a nice Christmas. My husband got me some awesome presents. He liked my presents too! I am no longer working so at the moment I am working on Valentines Day Crafts. Coming soon on my blog!!