Sunday, December 22, 2013

Daily Lovelies Giveaway!

Maggie from Daily Lovelies is having an awesome giveaway! Shes giving away "having you tried turning it off and on" eye shadow collection. The colors are beautiful! I just purchased a few due to Christmas shopping but I would love to have the entire collection! Prize number two consists of a Set of Sigma Beauty Eye Kit Brushes! If anyone reads my blog go enter! Here is the link

Good luck!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pinecone Angels

I came across this site that sells pinecone angel ornaments.
I did not want to pay $12 dollars for each pinecone angel ornament because the amount I wanted was going to cost me a lot of money. I searched google hoping that maybe someone would have a tutorial. There was this one girl who did but all she had was words. I wanted pictures so I decided I wanted to make them myself. I still had pinecones left over and ribbon left over from making the pinecone ornaments. All I needed was to buy the heads and moss. Again I like to save money so I got moss from trees for the hair. I was very pleased with how my pinecone angel ornaments turned out! Here is what they look like

Happy Holiday!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pinecone Ornaments

Weeks ago, I came up with an idea to make my Christmas tree prettier than last year. I want to use natural ornaments beside the typical ornaments. There is this page I follow on facebook called Confessions of Crafty Witches and they have some great ideas that they find throughout the internet. There was this one post about making star ornaments out of cinnamon sticks! I had to do them myself and I just love them! I thought about how my Christmas tree would look with these but then I thought, something is missing.... Hmmm...Then the thought of making pinecone ornaments came into my mind. I did not know how to even make them but I had an idea in my mind. I looked through countless google pictures and none had any tutorials on how to make them.

 Either way I was going to find a way to make these pinecone ornaments the way I wanted them. I went to several different stores to look for pinecones such as Michaels, Joanns, and Walmart. They all had the cinnamon smell which would have been great, but I am one of those that likes to save. I wanted free pinecones. I can be cheap sometimes haha. I made my husband go with me to several places that had pine trees and we found hundreds of them!

We had fun picking pinecones together. We got home and washed them. I did I know that pinecones close up with water. I was so upset that I made him go with me to find more the next day. We had fun again  though lol. I learned pinecones will open again when they are out in the sun. I did some research online about them. Since I can be impatient I left the first ones we got outside and just brushed off all the dirt from the recent ones we found. Then I started decorating them with ribbons, berries, green leaves, felt poinsettias, and fake pine tree twigs I got from a garland at the dollar store. I just cut little pieces off the garland for the pines cones. Here is what some of them look like!

Now for a tutorial!

You will need:
Ribbon (different sizes)
Any greens you want to put on your pinecones
Felt if you want to make poinsettias
Pearls for the poinsettia
Or tiny ornaments
Glue Gun
Wire Cutters

You can make these ornaments however you want to. Its up to you on how you want them. Be creative! Give it your own touch!

Step 1: Clean your pinecones of any dirt, pine needles, sap, etc. If you want to wash them with soap you can do so but you will have to put them outside in the sun for them to reopen. A friend told me you can blow dry them to open them again. I tried that but they did not open back to their original shape.

Step 2: Gather all your materials
Step 3: Cut a piece of red ribbon (I used a skinny ribbon) however size you want it to be to hang the pinecone. I cut an 2 1/2. Next make a loop and glue the ends with the glue gun. Then glue that end to the top of the pine cone

Step 4:
If using Garland: With the wire cutters cut a piece of the garland or any greens that look similar to the twigs of a pine tree or Christmas tree into small pieces. I didn't really measure how long. I just put the end of the garland on the pinecone and cut a piece that was the size I wanted. With the glue gun, glue it to the top of the pine cone. What I did make the piece into a circle and then glued it.

If using ribbon to make a bow: With a wider ribbon than the one you used for the hanger, cut 7 pieces of ribbon. I cut 1 1/4. Again make a loop and glue the ends. Now glue them on the top of the pine cone in the form of a flower.

Step 5: Here is where you get creative. You can add a piece of the garland on top of the ribbon, add berries, glittery green leaves, bells, felt poinsettias, etc. Michaels had a lot of decorative things on sale. The glittery green leaves I used were from Michaels as well as the as the berries. Each were 50 cents. For the felt poinsettias I looked up a printable stencil online, resized them to my liking, cut them and used them as a guide to cut the felt.

I hope this was easy to follow. This is my first time doing tutorials and I am not that great in giving instructions. I get many people asking me how I make my crafts and want tutorials.

Oh! and here is what my cinnamon stars look like!

 Tutorial on this blog

Till then, bye!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Mistletoe Ornaments

I recently started making ornaments for our Christmas tree. This year I wanted to have a Christmas tree with pinecone ornaments, cinnamon stars, and snow ornaments. I also wanted the colors to be strictly red, green, and white. So I came across some ideas of making ornaments with snow. There were a few that caught my eye. They had red berries inside. I decided to make some of my own with my own touch. These ornaments have the snow and red berries just like the ones I saw but mine have some glittery leaves inside them and the snow has some sparkles as well. I just love how they came out. I added a little red bow to make them look cutesy. Here is what they look like.

If you would like to know how to make these I have provided a tutorial on how to make them. They are pretty easy to make! Just make sure you buy berries that are able to fit in the hole of the ornament. The berries were a little to big for the holes but I was able to push them in.  I used fake berries that I bought from Michaels for 99 cents. The leaves also cost 99 cents.

Materials you will need are:

Buffalo snow flurries
Buffalo snowflakes
Clear glass ornaments (any size you want)
Red Berries
Any greens you wish to put inside
Wire cutters

I bought the snow flurries and snow flakes at Joanns. The rest is from Michaels. First remove the top from the ornament and fill with snow flurries.

Next put some snow flakes inside. This is optional. I like sparkly things so I added the snowflakes. This can get very messy so its a good idea to use a cardboard box so that any snow flurries or snowflakes can fall in there.
Next put the leaves inside and 3 red berries. with a toothpick you can move the leaves and red berries wherever you want them to be. Now place the top back on the ornament.

Finally, you make a bow out of red ribbon or any color you want to use and glue it with a glue gun. And this is your final product!
Do the same with the other clear glass ornaments.

Now you are ready to hang your ornaments on your Christmas tree. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you very much for reading my blog. Happy Holidays!

Here is my Christmas tree with the ornaments. I will post a tutorial on how to decorate pinecones and hang them up as ornaments.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back to blogging

It has been a long time since I have blogged. I got so busy with school that I quit doing my crafts and doing my nails. School got so hard that I fell into a depression. I took a break and went back only to fail out of school. I needed 3 more classes to finish the program. I was so close. It took one mean witch who thinks she's so great at her job and is so high strung about her status to fail out. She was a very unfair teacher. Hell, I'm just going to say it. She was a major bitch. Getting kicked out of the program over a D hit me pretty hard for 2 weeks. I cried my eyes out and felt like a total failure. Thanks to the support of my husband and family I was able to get passed this sadness. I think it was the best. Keiser University is a worthless place to get an education. You have no voice in this school You can't defend yourself and you get written up for others bad behaviors. I was miserable in that school so I try to see it as a positive thing. I am no longer stressed, miserable, or feel like killing myself due to the extreme stress I was in.  There were times where I may have gotten into fatal accidents due to lack of sleep. Falling asleep on the road is no fun. I did crash into this one guy on the day of my final. I wasn't hurt and the guy wasn't either. Still I just needed to hold on a little longer and get to fieldwork and I could have been a COTA. But I will see this as a positive thing. I am happy now and I am calm. I am back to crafting and doing my nails. Ever since I failed out of OT school I have been crafting like crazy and decorating my home. My home was a mess when I was in school. I didn't have time to clean. Now my home is nice and clean and pretty as well. I will be posting the crafts I have been doing from now on in this blog as well as my nail art. I love doing both things so it was hard to come up with a name for my blog. So I named it the creative spot because I am a very creative person. Right now I am so happy with my fall decorations. Its not much. It's a small section of my apartment that I decided to decorate for fall and Halloween. Keep scrolling down to see the pictures.

This was for Halloween. My husband and I carved a pumpkin. It was my first time and I had so much fun. The wreath you see there I made on my own. I bought 3 different sized vases at the Dollar Store and some fall leaves. Then I put them in the vases and added water. Finally, I put floating candles. The other candle is a pumpkin spice candle that smells delicious!

                                         Here is my dog Charlie with the pumpkin we carved

I currently have this decoration for November. I have the same 3 vases with water and fall leaves and the pumpkin spice candle. This time I added 2 glittery pumpkins, another pumpkin spice candle that has a pretty design on it and some fall flowers. I just love it!

I also have these adorable owls. The middle one was a gift from my best friend. The other two I bought on sale at Michaels. They are all candle holders. I just love them so much.

That is all I have for this month of decorations. I wish I could do more but money is tight right now. I will however be working soon so now I can decorate the house for the holidays. Till then, goodbye!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Marimekko flower nail art recreation

For my 2 year wedding anniversary date with my husband I wanted to wear something cute on my nails. I was on Youtube and came across Elleandish. She had this cute Marimekko inspired flower nail tutorial. I decided to give it a try and I was satisfied with it that I did my toe nails as well. I wore a cute orange blouse with gold sandals to go with my nails. I also had a Vera Bradley purse that kind of went with my theme. My husband took me out to eat at Bucca Di Beppo, went to the mall where he bought me a Vera Bradley headband and my favorite Macaroons, and took me to the movies. I got compliments on everything. So here is my recreation of Elleandish Marimekko nail art.

Elleandish Marimekko tutorial follow this link

This Le Macaron French pastries store that I love buying my Macaroons from.

My favorite Macaroons. Rose, Coconut, Belgian Chocolate, Vanilla, Gingerbread, And I forgot the last one. It was a new one.

 This is my favorite Macaroon. It is called Rose and it sort of tastes like rose petals. It has a sweet taste and is light. It is delicious. I love this one a lot. That's it for this post!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2 different nail art

I did two different nail art this month. Well actually it might be 3. With this one I started off by painting them gold and then adding some orange nail polish diagonally with tape. Here is the picture.


Then I added some black on the tips. This is where they came out kind of bulky because I fell asleep and they got lines on them so I added another clear coat to smooth the lines out.

I was really pleased with how they turned out. I did this nail art to match a blouse that has this exact same pattern. I was going out on a date with my husband. I got some nice compliments on them.

Ok so for this next nail art, I did them for my 2 year anniversary date with my husband on Monday. I did my toes too to match my hands. I got this idea from a nail art tutorial on youtube from Janelle (elleandish). It's really cute and fun. I got a lot of compliments on them when we were out on our anniversary date. My husband thought they were Vera Bradley inspired nails lol. I have a few Vera Bradley purses so I guess that is why he thought that. These are actually Marimekko inspired by Janelle (Elleandish) Here are pictures

I really loved these! For Janelle (Elleandish) tutorial click on the link below

That is it.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Model City Wear With Caution polish

Today I have Model City's Wear With Caution. I had taken these pictures a while back. Maybe like a month or 2 ago. I still wear this polish because I love the holographic effect. This was my very first holographic nail polish. I have seen many people on Instagram about how awesome holos are. I have seen many and none have caught my eye. I guess its because Instragram sometimes blurs peoples picture when the post them. So I saw a swatch by Nina (maker of Model City polish) on facebook (I follow her) and I fell in love with the color and the holo effect. I just had to have it. I stalked her page waiting for the day she would sell that polish. My classmates were laughing at me because I had set an alarm at the time she would put the polish in stock and was ready to run to the bathroom at purchase it on my phone. We had presentations that day and I was afraid I was going to get called up to present my presentation at the time she posted the polish for sale. Luckily we were given a break and I bought the polish. lol I was determined to buy it before it sold out. The day I received my package I was so excited! I put on the polish right away and I was very pleased with this polish. It is beautiful! I would get so distracted when the sun would hit my finger nails lol I went a little crazy taking pictures too lol Wear With Caution is a perfect name for this polish because you will get distracted so easily with it. It's so beautiful. It is a beautiful purple polish packed with holo goodness. Now its time for the pictures!

I just love this polish! I can't get enough of it! The polish is currently not on her shop. My guess is it is sold out but you can check out her other polishes as well. She might put up more for sale later. Her esty shop is linked below

Her facebook is this link below

Monday, July 29, 2013

Born Pretty Holo Polish #10

I came across Born Pretty's holo nail polishes when I read Very Emily's blog. I had seen the polishes before on facebook by someone who posted about their new holo polishes but I was skeptical. There were no pictures of swatches so I decided not to buy them at the time. The price was awesome though. $5.59 and free shipping was a deal! I have other holo's made by indies and they are $12-$14 with shipping included. So times passes by and I come across Very Emily's blog. She had swatches of all the polishes available by Born Pretty and I was satisfied with how they looked. I bought #10. The polish looks bluish when you put it on but when the light hits it, it becomes a turquoise color. Very beautiful bright color and the holographic effect its awesome! Not bad for a $6 polish. There are 12 other shades available at Born Pretty store. I also bought holo polish #2 which is a reddish shade. I will post on that one later. Application for this polish was smooth and it dried fast. Totally satisfied with this polish. I hope to get the rest of the collection soon. To buy Born Pretty holographic polishes visit
My fingers look nasty because they were super dry. Even with Burt Bees they were still wrinkly. At the time I took this I was super stressed out with school and I was not drinking enough water.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Delush Polish Eggs-travaganza

Here is another polish from Delush Polish I had bought back in April. Adriana made this for Easter along with two other cute polishes. Eggs-travaganza is a "creamy teal with pops of red, orange, green and iridescent shimmer!" This is a very cute polish. Application was smooth. I had no complaints about this polish. The colors went well with my scrubs from school lol You can buy this polish on Adriana's website Full size bottles are $8.95. I don't know if this polish is still available. It does show on her website. Try it out if you like this polish!

Nayeli <3

Delush Polish Ocean Sapphire

Here is another polish by the lovely and sweet Adriana maker of Delush Polish. This polish is called Ocean Sapphire and let me tell you, this polish is so beautiful. The photos I took do it no justice. I love how it changes color. One minute it looks blue and another minute a greenish color. "Ocean Sapphire is Stunning blue jelly blend with tons of holo and iridescent glitters!" Believe me the name of this polish fits it perfect because it does look like the colors of the ocean. The application of this polish was a little bit on the thick side and had a little trouble with it but I added a few drops of nail polish remover and it worked great. Since I bought a mini bottle the polish tends to get thicker easily. I would recommend buying the large bottle. It will last you longer.

Delush Polishes are available at Mini bottles are $4.50 and large bottle are $8.95

Nayeli <3