Saturday, June 6, 2015

4th of July Wreath

Hello everyone! I have been MIA for a while due to my work schedule. I was able to get a chance to finally craft something up. July is coming next month and I have never done a 4th of July wreath. So I decided to make one. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration and came across one like this one. It was being sold on Etsy but it was too expensive for me at the moment. So I made my own wreath. I didn't want to copy the exact one that was being sold. I wanted to change it just a bit. I added the American Flag and the bow is a different color. The American flag means so much to me because 1.) I am a proud American, 2.) My husband was in the military, and 3.) I was a proud military wife. Even though he is no longer in the military I honor every soldier that put their lives in danger to keep our country safe as well as those that lost their lives in battle. They are all my Hero's and I respect what they do for our country. I was actually able to put my wreath up for Memorial Day to honor those who lost their lives in battle. My husband really liked it and told me I should put it up so I did. It will go back on on July to honor all those soldiers who have served and are currently serving. Everything I used was bought at Hobby Lobby except for the starry burlap and the flag. Here how my wreath turned out.

I didn't think the USA letters were going to hold well but they did pretty good. I hot glued the letters together and then glued it to the wreath.

So that is my 4th of July wreath! Hope you like. Have a nice day!


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Wreath

It is Spring! And what do I love the most about Spring? The beautiful flowers that bloom around this time. I needed a Spring wreath for my front door but I wasn't sure how I wanted to make it. All I knew was that I wanted pretty pink flowers and burlap. I always make burlap wreaths because I simply love burlap. I searched Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Here is what I came up with!

I am very pleased with this wreath and will keep it up until its time for Fall decor. I really love the little jewels I wrapped around it. It is actually a garland that I bought from Michaels. I love sparkly things so it goes well with my personality. This wreath turned out to be quite pricey but it was worth it for me. Everything was bought from Michaels. Unfortunately I don't have a tutorial for this. I'm sorry! Just thought I would show you all what I created for my Spring wreath! Happy Spring to you all!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DIY Decorative Pillows Part 2

Hello! Today's post is going to be about part 2 of my DIY decorative pillows part 2. I have always wanted gold polk a dot pillows. My first thought was to use regular white material but I thought burlap would be much better. I went looking for them at stores but couldn't find any at the time. So I decided to make my own and I'm sure it would be so much cheaper if I made them myself. Little did I know it would be time consuming! I am still happy with how they turned out. Now that Spring is here I happened to find burlap pillows with gold polk a dots! But they were $20 each and I needed 2 of them.  Making my own, I spent less than half the price. I would say $7. I  am pretty pleased with how they turned out even though it was so time consuming.

Here are the materials I used to make these pillows

18x18 burlap pillowcases (you can buy ones already made at Hobby Lobby)
Gold glitter
Gold acrylic paint
Mod Podge
Card board to put inside the pillow cases so the Mod podge wont seep through the other side

With a penny coin trace around it with a pen to make the polk a dots. Keep making them about 1/2 inch apart until the entire pillowcase is covered in polk a dots.

Now you can either "paint" each circle with ModPodge and glitter them or you could do what I did, paint each circle with gold acrylic paint. Make sure you place a card board inside the pillowcase

This is why it was so time consuming for me. After I finished painting each circle and letting them dry I went over them with ModPodge and then placed glitter on all the circles.

The reason I did it this way was because using just modgepodge and glitter, you could see the pen marks a little. Being the pick person that I am, I did not like that. So I painted first with gold paint, modpodged each circle and added the glitter. Once you are done shake off all the glitter into a sheet of paper and clean up. I let that dry about 30 minutes and then added modpodge to each circle again to seal in the glitter and prevent fall out. Let dry for an hour.

Do this to all the pillows you made. Making two was tiresome but as I said earlier it was well worth it and cheaper. Your product is now finished. Hope you enjoyed!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

DIY Decorative Pillows Part 1

Hello all! Lately I have been redecorating my living room changing everything from golds and reds to golds, whites, and blacks. I  have been looking for certain kinds of decorative pillows but they are either too expensive or they didn't have what I was looking for. So, being the crafty girl that I am, I decided to make my own pillows! I made burlap pillows with gold polk a dots and black pillow with a gold heart. One of the pillows I bought already made and it cost $22. I needed a total of 3 so that would have cost $66. Not what I wanted to spend. I will talk about how I made the polk a dot pillows in part 2. This post is about the black with gold heart pillow. Here is what the decorative pillows I made look like.

Making this Gold heart pillow was very easy to make and less time consuming. I don't have a tutorial on how I made these pillows but there are many tutorials on how to make a pillow on Pinterest. I used a sewing machine to make mine. These pillows are 18x18. I bought 1/4 yards of black material to make this pillow. Here is how I made the gold heart. You will need

Gold material (I bought mine at hobby lobby where all the felt material is)
Heart stencil (You can find all kinds of printable heart stencils online)
Hot glue gun/fabric glue
Pillow stuffing

Cut out your heart stencil with scissors

Now that you have your heart stencil cut out flip the gold material over where the white part of the material is. Place your heart stencil on it and trace it with the marker. Then cut the heart out.
Place the gold heart on top of your already made pillow case to see if you like the placement of the heart.
Now turn over the heart to the white part and put hot glue all around the heart quickly and turn it back around to glue it on the pillow case. If the some of the hot glue has already dried and isn't sticking add more glue in there until there are no gaps. Make sure all the edges are glued well to the fabric. Now you can stuff your pillow case with pillow stuffing and sew, hot glue, or seal the opening with fabric glue. Let dry for a while if using fabric glue. Fabric glue can be tricky to work with when closing the opening of the pillow case. What I suggest is using books to put pressure on the side you just glued. Now your pillow is ready to place on your couch or bed. Hope you like this post. In the next post I will show you how I made the polk a dot ones!

 Thank you for reading!