Monday, February 18, 2013

Daily Lacquer's Helios nail polish

Doing a quick blog today. I hardly blog anymore because 1 I haven't had much time lately, and 2 I don't have many followers or readers. Just a few readers like my friends but they get to see some of my swatches on facebook or instagram. Here are more pictures of Helios. I am in love with this nail polish. It is so beautiful! You can swatch this with so many colors! I had originally done a orange and beige mani with Helios over it but it chipped the next day because NYC polish is cheap like that. haha. So, since St. Patrick's Day is coming up I decided to do a green and beige mani with Helios over it. A little description of Helios....It's filled with beautiful iridescent rainbow-shifting glitters of all shapes and sizes.  It is also full of gold flecks which gives this polish this distinct gold shimmer.  Helios is based of the Sailor Moon Anime. He is a Pegasus that Chibiusa falls in love with. He always comes to her rescue when she calls to him. Every time Helios appears he is surrounded by gold shimmer and sparkles so that reminds me of this nail polish. He also transforms himself into a handsome young man. Below are pictures of Helios and my swatch of the nail polish. I tried to get good pictures of this but it was hard to get you to see just how beautiful this nail polish is. It is so beautiful! Maggy did an amazing job! I am in love with this polish hehe =^_^=

So there you have it! Man I love this nail polish!! I need to get a better lense for my camera so I can do macro shots. To buy this polish you can now buy Maggy's polish at her new website. Link below

Now go buy it!! I recommend this polish. You wont be disappointed! Also I forgot to mention, it applies very easy.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Black and Pink Heart Glitter Mani

This weekend I made a cute Valentines mani. Everyone is doing a red, white, and pink mani for Valentines so I decided to do something a little different. Yes there is pink glitter in mine but I don't have the typical red and white colors. I personally love how this came out. I have done a few nail art designs and haven't really been satisfied with them. This one I am very satisfied with. I love how the pink glitter sparkles in the light. Pictures are below

I need more practice cleaning up the edges of my nails. Overall this is the best nail art I have done.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ICING'S Super Freak polish

Here is another swatch I did a few weeks ago. This one is called Super Freak. It is a clear base polish with huge purple hexes, blue glitters and glitter bars. I bought this one at Icing at our local mall in December while Christmas shopping. I took me long to wear it but I finally did. What I love about this polish is that it sparkles a lot in the sun and even under any light. You will see in the pictures below just how much it sparkles. I used it over my favorite dark purple nail polish from Sally Hansen called Deep Violet. I don't know if this polish is still available but you can check online or your local mall. Ok so on to the pictures. Again I took pictures of this with my phone due to the limited free time I have.

I'm just noticing that I have chubby fingers lol


Make Up Your Face "Treat Yourself"

Well, again its been a while since I have blogged. Been busy with school like always. Soon I may have a lot of free time to blog and do more nail polish reviews. There's a chance I might get out of the program. I get too much homework and my health has been going down because of the stress. Anyways todays blog is about a new polish I bought a few weeks back. I have never tried other Indie polish other than Daily Lacquer. She is still my number one favorite. So the polish I bought was from Make Up Your Face and it is called Treat Yourself. I really liked the polish. It is a milky ever so slightly pink-ish polish with tons of magenta hexagons and squares with a sprinkling of light blue and teal glitters. I loved how it glittered in the light and I love the color combinations in this polish. It is also very easy to apply. It is smooth and doesn't get sticky like some glitter polishes I have bought at local stores. Below are two pictures. Since I have not have too much time to take good pictures I just took them with my phone. Sorry about that

It really looks a lot better in person. To purchase this polish click the link below