Sunday, December 30, 2012

Moon Kitty nail polish by Daily Lacquer

So I finally tried on Moon Kitty Nail polish from the Moon Collection by Maggy the Daily Lacquerista! Purple is one of my favorite colors and I just love this polish! It is a purple jelly cream polish full of gorgeous silver and holo glitters with stars, moons, and diamonds. I really love this polish and Maggy did such a great job in making this! This polish is based on the Luna who is Sailor Moons Kitty. Below is a picture of Luna and my nails with the polish. I will be using this polish for new years to go with my outfit. ^_^ Also I did use this polish over Xtreme wear's Purple Potion. I just used one coat because I wanted more of the purple in Moon Kitty. I tried to use Moon Kitty alone but since there is so much wonderful glitter, the glitter would not stand out as much. When I used it over Purple Potion, the glitter just popped so beautifully. I also phished out a few stars and moons to put on two of my fingers because I wanted all my nails to match. I am so happy with the outcome! I love love love!!

yup I LOVE this!


And that is all for tonight! Hope everyone has a happy new year!!
Link to purchase this nail polish below

Nayeli  =^_^=

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Daily Lacquer Mamoru Nail Polish

So I recently bought Mamoru and Chibiusa nail polish set from Daily Lacquer Maggy and the polishes are beautiful. It was money well spent hehe. The set is called Father and Daughter Duo. These two characters are based off my favorite Sailor Moon anime. I am a huge Sailor Moon fan so I have been buying all of Maggy's Sailor Moon polishes lol. Mamoru is Darien also known as Tuxedo Mask and Chibiusa is Rini also known as Sailor Mini Moon. She is Mamoru's daughter.

Mamoru is a clear based full of black and white micro glitters, white stars, and a smattering of matter red hexes. Chibiusa is a white based crelly polish full of pink hearts, pink holo hexes, and holo moons. When I put on these nail polishes I was very satisfied with the outcome. Below are pictures of Mamoru polish over Loreal's Greycian Goddess. For Chibi Usa I used it over NYC's Wall Street #234. I dont have many pictures of ChibiUsa because I would not get a good picture of it so I will be re-doing it and will post on a different day. Ok now for the pictures!

Next is ChibiUsa
Link to purchase these polishes from Maggy are below.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Candy cane nail art and Snowflake/Christmas tree

So its been a few days since I've blogged. I went to Universal Studios on Tuesday and it was awesome! I loved being in Hogwarts. It was the best day ever. Then I got my husbands cold and I haven't been in the mood for much. :( Just last night I did my nails. I'm going to post two different designs I did on my nails. The first pictures are the Candy cane nails I did last weekend. They're a little blurry though. I couldn't get the damn camera to take good pics. The other pictures are the snowflake and Christmas tree design I did last night. This snowflake/Christmas tree design was inspired by a girl named Jane. She has a tutorial on how to do these snowflakes and Christmas trees. She used a mint color base and drew the design in white. I used a combination of red and white base and red and white designs. Then I added some sparkly nail polish over it, topped with a shiny clear coat.

Candy cane nails

Sorry it came out blurry :(

I love how these came out!

I used the flash in these next two pictures

 For the candy cane nails I used these polishes. 
Jordana (hot red), NYC (french white tip), Art Club (red on red & white), Xtreme Wear (Disco ball), & Sally Hansen's Diamond Flash

By the way Sally Hansen's Diamond Flash is awesome! It leaves my nails super shiny and it lasts long. My nails chip on the 2nd day or 3rd. With this one it lasts a little longer. Thanks to my friend Jenny she introduced me to this polish and I love it. So these are the other Christmas nail designs I did. I did Santa nail designs which are on my last post. I've been inspired for the holidays. ^_^ I will continue to post Christmas nails until the end of the month. I have other nail polishes I have bought from Icing and my favorite nail polish seller Maggy from Daily Lacquer. Will be posting on her nail polishes soon. I just love her creations! Shes so talented. For the tutorial on how to do the Snowflake and Christmas Tree designs go to the links below. 



Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Nails

I decided to do Christmas nail designs all month. Now that I'm free from school for 3 weeks, I now have the time to do nail art and blog about it ^_^. So I did these Santa nails last night. I googled for some ideas and saw so many beautiful Christmas nail art some people have made, so I decided to put my favorites together on my nails. I did two Santa nails and two of his Santa suit. I used red glitter for the suit on the red part and then some white glitter on the white part.  Then on my ring finger I put Ho Ho Ho! I'm pleased with the outcome. ^_^ I tried to smooth out the edges but for some reason the polish on the edges wouldn't come off!! It was so frustrating so I gave up. >.< haha

I also did some candy cane nails which I will post later tonight if not tomorrow. I'm going to Orlando Studios tomorrow and need to sleep early which means I need to go to bed now! lol I guess I will post them tomorrow!


The Deep Sea polish by ILNP

This is one of my favorite nail polishes a friend gifted me recently. It is Barbara's , I Love NP, The Deep Sea polish. The Deep Sea" is an adventurous blend of aqua and blue holo hexes in all different sizes with a splash of teal shreds and a few drops of teal jelly to tint the 3-free suspension base. I just love this polish! It was well worth the $10 I bought. I wore this polish over OPI's Road House Blues. I love how it glows in the sun. I tried to get some good pictures of this polish but wasnt able to. Also my fingers look so dry :( It's that time when the weather gets my skin dry. :( Anyways below are the pics I took. 

This is I love NPs Facebook. In her page she has her Etsy shop.

Nayeli ^_^

Black jeweled design

I did these nails a few months back. Its just a black onyx from OPI with my ring fingers with tiny pink, white, and blue stones. This is one of my favorite manicures that I've done. =^_^=

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Daily Lacquer Usagi From Moon Collection

Hello! ^_^ Its been a very long time since I have gotten on here to blog. I have been extremely busy with school that I have very little free time. Also, my school program doesn't allow me to have any type of nail art so that bums me out. :( Well, this weekend I decided to be a little rebel and take time away from my studies and paint my nails. I recently bought some nail polishes from Daily Lacquer (Maggy) that are Sailor Moon inspired and I'm in love with her nail polishes. They are from the Lovely Moon Collection. I bought Usagi, Minako, and Moon Kitty. I have yet to buy the others to complete the collection. I was so excited yesterday when I received them in the mail. She even put them in these adorable baggies which I loved and sent me a little gift of her Tink Pink nail polish. I love it! Here are some pics of Usagi's Polish. I used it over OPI's Blue My Mind. Click on Picture to make it bigger.

These are Moon Kitty, Minako, & Usagi
 These are the cute baggie the polishes were in

This is the one I used (Usagi)

This is the cute gift Maggy sent me

I just love how it looks in the light

 I really wish I could blow up the pic so you can see the detail but it comes out weird when I preview it. Next week I'll blog on the Minako nail polish. I'm going to sport these nails all weekend! =^_^= See ya! Oh! Here is Maggy Collins Facebook.
On her page is her Etsy shop as well. You can find these polishes there!

Nayeli <3

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OTA school

I have been super stressed with OTA school lately. I started a year earlier than expected. When I got the call to start the program NOW I was shocked and excited. I was not mentally prepared for this though. I wasnt prepared at all for anything. The first week was very exciting. I made a new friend and shes super awesome. We get along great. Had my first friend lunch ever since I moved here to Florida. It was pretty awesome! Its nice to have someone to talk to and we have some cool things in common. We both love our dogs and we both love crafts!! So we talk a lot about crafts we've done over the year and our dogs lol. The program though, has been very difficult and stressful. Thank god for my husband. I have been so stressed out and am constantly moody from the stress, that hes always finding ways to make my days better. I never thought this program would be so accelerated and so vigorous. I have not had time for much lately, not even to cook like I used to, but my husband has been very good. Hes been very supportive as well. I didnt do too good on the midterm and I took it hard. I was angry with myself and I just started crying and wanted to give up. Im not used to having low grades so it was hard to accept. It was like a huge slap on my face. My husband helped calm me down by giving me lots of hugs and kisses. Hes a great man. <3 I am passing the class though so thats good. I have a huge final coming up and yup, im freaking out and stressing out. I have not been sleeping much because the teacher gave us a presentation to work on and only gave us 2 days to work on and we have a lot to study. Sleeping is not on my schedule this week so guess what my husband got me?! He got me a coffee maker because I told him I wanted one to drink coffee all night and study for this huge exam. Its been working in keeping me awake lol. I have 15 more  months of this vigorous course to go. Its gone be a very long stressful year and a half for me. I will no longer be able to blog or facebook much. Today I'm posting because I'm taking a much needed break but its time I go back to my studies. I'll be blogging again whenever I have a chance to take another breather and that wont be very soon :( Till then, bye bye!

Love my mini coffee maker my hubby bought me ^_^

Felt flowers

These are some of the felt flowers i have worked on last month. Lately I havent had the chance for crafts or anything anymore due to school :( but here are pictures of the flowers i made. I added them to some of my muscle shirts to so they wont look so plain. I like how they turned out. Theres another projects I want to make on a shirt with felt flowers but right now my life is pretty much consumed in school for the next year and a half. Im going to miss crafting :(


Friday, August 24, 2012

Going back to knitting real soon!

Heller!! ^_^  I'm super excited because as the title says I will be going back to knitting. Knitting was one of my favorite things to do but I took a break from it. The hands to hurt after knitting for hours. A friend I used to work with back home is paying me to make her two baby outfits for her upcoming newborn baby. I'm so excited!! She sent me a picture of a cute panda outfit she wants me to make for her daughter. Its so cute! I cant wait to start it and see the end result. She also wants me to make this cute baby outfit I had made for my friend Ambers baby. Below is a picture of that one. I really loved this one when I finished it. I hope to someday have a daughter so I can make her these. Anyways, I have never done a baby panda outfit so im super excited about how the outcome will look. I better start working on them now before I get a job and I wont have the time. So check out the pics of one of the outfits im making for my friends baby daughter.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homemade cleaners

Hi ^_^ Ok I know I havent been here much but its because im working on more felt flowers. My friend wants me to make her some cute little felt flowers on clips for her adorable baby. Well, actually I offered to make some for her. :) I will post pics of all the flowers I have made sometime soon. Anyways this post is not about felt flowers. Im so excited because I have been browsing on pinterest and came across some pretty cool remedies to clean your house. I came across two remedies. One was is to clean your microwave and another one to clean your shower. Well I began cleaning today and tried both of them. Sorry I do not have pictures well, I didnt think to take pictures of the before and after. Thats how excited I was to try these new home remedies. These remedies worked wonders! My microwave is spot clean and looks like new! My shower, im impressed with this remedy! You see, every month I dye the white patch of hair I have on top of my head. I'ts a birthmark I inherited from my father. I hate it. Most think I should grow it out. Hell no! I did try once but I was looking like an old woman so I've been dying it ever since. Anyways, my tub and tiles get stained from the black dye and its so hard to take off. I used to srub and scrub to no avail. It would still stay stained and I ended up with my knees and back hurting. Well, this remedy I found in pinterest worked wonders! I started off by spraying the tile and as it was dripping down to the tub you can see how this remedy was working. It moved the stains in seconds! I love love this concoction! Next time Ill update make an update of this blog with pictures. Below are the links to these two different remedies. ^_^

homemade shower cleaner

Microwave cleaner

Nayeli :3

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Homemade Febreze

How to make homemade Febreze
Hi! ^_^ Ok so today I was hanging out in my living room watching some tv all of a sudden I noticed a funky smell near me. I started sniffing around the area when I noticed it was coming from Charlies crate. It wasnt urine smell but poop. Yuck. When I took out his bed and blanky, his blanky had 3 pieces of dried poop stuck in it. The smell was so much stronger and I wanted to throw up. x_x So I cleaned up his crate and put his toys, blanky and bed to wash. I took off the dried pieces of poop of course which was so disgusting! >.< The smell was still lingering and was wondering what to do about it when BAM it hit me! I have a pin pinned on my pinterest board on homemade febreze! I didnt want to spend $5.59 on the real thing. Im trying to save money here so I decided to make it since I had the required ingredients. The place smells so good now! I started to spray it all over the apartment and the place smells fresh and clean! =^o^= Oh and I sprayed some near Charlies crate too.I will be using this from now on. If you wish to save money like me and make your own febreze here is what you will need.

1/8 cup of any fabric softner you like to use. ( I used snuggle blue sparkle)
2 Tablespoons baking soda
1 spray bottle
hot tap water to fill the bottle to the top

Now just shake the bottle so the substances mix and you are set to spray! I got the information on how much to use on blog called fake it frugal. When I pinned it to my pinterest I clicked on it and it took me to her blog. Here is the link to her blog. Fake it Frugal  I'm so glad for pinterest. It has so many homemade rememdies to make and it wont cost you a lot of money if you already have the ingredients. I just saved myself about $6. Yay!

Nayeli :3

Update: While I still love this, I suggest you dont spray near furniture. It will leave spots.  So I just spray away from furniture where these spots wont show.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pearl flowers

Hi! ^_^ Sorry I have not blogged in a couple of days. I have been busy being a house wife to my handsome husband and I have also been working out because I need to get back on track. I have gained about 25 lbs since I've been married and lets just say I have never weighed this much EVER in my life. 0_o Anywho, I have been squeezing in some time to do some crafts and I have made some super cute pearl flowers. I just love pearls! I was browsing youtube the other day and I came across this ladies video on how to make these cute flowers out of pearls. I have been making them like crazy haha! I dont know her name but she goes by Jennings644. I really wish I had a glue gun like hers because hers has so much precision. Mine is just a regular glue gun. I was still able to make the pearl flowers though but burned my fingers a few times. >.< I have been looking for her glue gun on ebay and stores here in Florida but have had no luck. Oh well, I'm still going to keep making them. The only thing that annoys me is the web like strings of glue that stick to these pearl flowers and I cant seem to get rid of them. >:/.....I have made cute stuff out of these flowers like a headband, hair clips, necklace, and a ring. I'm going to try to make earrings as well but much smaller ones. You can do many things with these pearl flowers like Mrs. Jennings has mentioned in her video. Go crazy with them! Use your imagination! If anyone reads this, below is the link or video with a tutorial Mrs. Jennings provides on how to do them. They are super easy to make. Just becareful because there will be times that you will burn your fingers like I have. It's no biggie though cause its only like 2 seconds of pain haha. I wish I could do a video myself but I don't have a video camera that stays in place and show a good quality tutorial. Anyways, below the video are pics of the pearl flowers I made.

I bought the pearls at Wal-Mart. These are some of the pearl flower projects I made.

You can see the hair pins I made and the necklace here

Close up of the pearl flowers

This is the headband I made with the pear flower. I love it!

Me with my pearl flower headband

Here I am with the pearl flower necklace. Its not completely done yet because I have been busy but heres a glimpse of what it will look like

I just love the hair pins I made with these pearl flowers. I just need to get rid of the glue residue on them. Its so annoying cause they keep sticking!

I love my hair pins!

pearl flower ring I made.

So there you have it! All the different ideas I have come up with for these flower pearls. I have yet to do the earrings but as I mentioned earlier, they will be a lot smaller. You can also make a bracelet if you want. I need to buy more pearls but different colors from the ones I have so I can make more of these. Well, thats it for now. Hopefully I'll have time to blog tomorrow. I need to show off the pretty felt flowers I have made. Buh bye!!

Ps: I hate how the sizing of these pictures are. If I make them smaller you cant see the detail of the flower pearls. If I make them big like they are right now they are not within the template of my blog. My post doesnt look even. :/

Nayeli =^_^=