Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'll Fly Away Nail Polish by Daily Lacquer

So here is the other polish I bought from Daily Lacquer (Maggy). It is from her All You Need Is Love collection. This is such a cute polish. I'll Fly Away is a light turquoise crelly polish filled matte pink hearts and blossoms!!  The little pink blossoms and hearts is what makes this polish so cute. They blend so well with the turquoise color. I love this polish. It adorable. Maggy did such a great job in creating this polish. It was so easy to apply too. The consistency is good and you also get a lot of blossoms and hearts when you apply to your nails. I wanted the hearts to pop out more so I used a clear polish over them right away to get the turquoise color off the heart. I used 3 coats of I'll fly away. Below are the pictures!

There you have it! To purchase this polish you can go to her etsy store here.
She's got new polishes coming from SailorMoon. I'm so excited to buy them all! They are so beautiful! ^_^ Ok off to study for my finals now :/


Moulin Rouge Nail Polish by Daily Lacquer

Yay! I got my Daily Lacquer nail polish earlier this week! Maggy owner of Daily Lacquer sent me a yummy lollipop and a sweet little message on my receipt. She's such a sweet person. I love her! I bought Moulin Rouge and I'll Fly Away. I love them! For todays blog I will be posting about Moulin Rouge polish. I will post about I'll Fly Away on another post. Moulin Rouge is a glitter bomb to the max! Full of black, red, and gold glitter. It also has cute red and black hearts!  The formula was great. Very easy to apply and for every dip I would get a lot of black and red hearts. I love it! I used Moulin Rouge over two different colors. I wasn't sure what color to use so I did two different one. It goes well with white nail polish too but I wanted to try something different. I used Fierce N Tangy 230 (yellow) from Maybelline color show on one hand and NYC's Mulberry Street 212 (beige) on the other hand. I liked both. Below are the pictures. By the way, I will be updating with better pictures of this later this weekend. I got busy trying to come up with a treatment plan for case study the professor gave me. It was the hardest thing I had to do! Anyways, I just took pictures with my ipad. ^_^

I'll Fly Away and Moulin Rouge with the candy Maggy sent me. Every time I order she sends candy =^_^=  She's so awesome! She has great customer service!
Cant wait to try on I'll Fly Away

There you have it guys! I can't decide which one I like better. I have never used yellow polish before. I kind of like it. hehe I'm hoping tomorrow I will have I'll Fly Away swatch ready. Toodles!
Link to purchase Moulin Rouge below


Monday, January 21, 2013

Daily Lacquer "Chibiusa" Nail Polish

This is another mani that I did using Maggy's from Daily Lacquer "Chibiusa" nail polish. I had done a mani about a month ago but was not happy with the results. I made it too clumpy. So I redid them and I am now very happy with the results. I love this polish a lot! Chibiusa is based on the character Chibi Moon from the anime series Sailor Moon! Chibiusa is a white-based crelly polish full of pink hearts, pink holo hexes, and holo moons! I have to say, I was not a big fan of white crelly's until I purchased Chibiusa. I try to stay away from light colors because my cuticle areas are dark and I hate them. Even though I hate that, I loved how Chibiusa looked so I have come to like these white crelly's

This is Chibiusa also known as Rini
I used Chibiusa over white nail polish and for the thumb and ring finger I used a very light pink from NYC (wallstreet)
 This is my favorite Sailor Moon Necklace. I bought from Kuma Crafts. She makes a lot of Sailormoon theme necklaces. She has one for Chibiusa but her necklaces are hard to get. I got lucky with this one.
I am very pleased with the outcome. This polish is very easy to apply and I did not have a hard time getting the hearts. I actually got lucky this time and was able to get one heart at least in each nail. To make the heart pop out a little I brushed over the hearts lightly a few times to take of a little of the white crelly with clear nail polish. That's it for today. Now it's time to study for my midterm. Booo
Link to purchase ChibiUsa below


Lacquerhead's "Bless Your Heart" Nail Polish

It has been a  while since I've blogged about nail stuff. I have been busy with school again with a lot of tests within the last two weeks. I passed all of them. Yay! Today I am blogging about Lacquerhead's "Bless Your Heart" nail polish. I bought the mini bottle because I wasn't sure if I was really going to like it. Well once I used it I fell in love with the polish. It is beautiful! Bless Your Heart is a white creamy based polish with pink and red hexes and red hearts! What I love about this polish is that it is easy to apply and there is no need to fish for the hearts. I kept getting lots of them every time I dipped the brush into the polish. I am definitely buying this polish in the full size. Ok on to the mani, what I did here was a valentines theme mani. I first painted all my nails except the ring finger red. The ring finger I painted white. Then in each red nail I painted half in white. Once that dried I applied "Bless Your Heart." I used two thin coats to get more of the tiny small glitters. The hearts were not a problem. I wanted one heart in each red and white nail because I didn't want the nail to look too cluttered. So any extra hearts I would get on my nail I would remove. For the nail with the white polish I used two thin coats as well. After my nails were somewhat dried I used a pink glitter stripper. Below are the pictures of my mani

 I don't know how that spot got on the nail polish :( also the cute little bow is missing because I have no idea where it fell. I couldn't find it. It was so pretty. It's ok though because I'm buying the full size bottle

So here is my mani for my valentines theme. Yes its a little early but might as well do it now since I will be busy next month for neuro in school. It's going to be a very hard class

 This is what the bottle looks like from behind.

So there you have it! I love love love this polish! Next time I will do a mani without the red and just the white.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

After Party Nail Polish from ICING

Here is another nail polish from ICING. I don't know how to describe this one. All I can say is that it has lots of colors such as fuchsia, teal, gold, orange, and light purplish pink glitters. I used this with Revlon's Fashionista #471 nail polish and for my ring finger I used Revlon's Hot for Chocolate #903. Check out the pictures. They are not great pictures but whatevs. It's the best I could do.

And that is it. Last post for the day. Goodnight!


Written in the stars nail polish by ICING

Back in December I had gone Christmas shopping for nail polishes for my friends. I came across 4 pretty nail polishes and this is one of them. I love it! It is called Written In The Stars and you can find it a stored called ICING. I don't know if they still have them in stock though. This pretty polish has lots of holo glitters and holographic bluish starts. The clear jelly base has a light blue tint to it. It goes great on black nail polish and certain blues. I used a dark teal color. I first painted my nails with Revlon's Fashionista #471 then topped it off with Written In the Stars Nail polish. I also used topped it with a shiny coat to make my nails shine. Below are the pictures of my swatch.

 This is the back of the polish. You can see more of the stars
 This is with the flash light
 Used different lighting here

That is it for this post. Thank you!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daily Lacquers Tink Pink Nail Polish

Today I will be posting 3 different blogs. I have 3 swatches I have done but have not had the time to write about it due to school. I also haven't been feeling in the mood to blog or do anything because my husband is going to be deployed and I'm pretty bummed out about it. I also got into a car accident which caused me to lose my car. Now I am sick with a cold and laryngitis. Not a good year for me. Anyways I have cheered up a little so I'm blogging. The nail polish I am going to be talking about is called Tink Pink and Maggy from Daily Lacquer made it. She had sent me this mini a while back when I first bought nail polishes from her. I never got around to writing about it because I was so excited to try on her Moon Collection. She did an amazing job on the set. She is my favorite Indie polish maker. There are many out there but she's my number 1 favorite and the only one that sells all the polishes I like. She has not made one polish I don't like. They are all beautiful! So her Tink Pink nail polish is absolutely stunning! It is pink full of holo glitters and silver holographic hearts and butterflies. I love the color pink and I love butterflies and hearts! I used two different swatches for this polish. I used Essie Turquoise and Caicos and the other swatch was over black onyx from OPI.

So there you have it. I need to buy the full size bottle because this is one nail polish I want to last. Yes my pictures suck but I don't know why I cant get my cannon to take good pictures.
Link to purchase tink pink below


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Not blogging much for the next few months

To my real life friends, well, school starts tomorrow and I will be going through hell again with numerous deadlines and lots of stress. I'm really not looking forward to it. Its back to studying and doing homework 8 hours a day, not cleaning the house much and not cooking much for my husband much :(. I'm honestly unhappy to go back. Never thought I would say that lol but the way things run in this school I can't help but be unhappy. Anyways because I will be bombarded with a lot of homework, research papers, hours of studying, and making power point presentations for each month till the end of December of this year I will not be blogging much about nail polishes :( I will try to manage my time but with this school there is really no time for leisure. I really wish I could learn how to make these pretty nail polishes that I see a lot of girls doing. I would rather spend hours making beautiful nail polishes and sell them than to be in this school having to read 15 chapters in two weeks and having a midterm and then reading another 15 and then have a final over 30 chapters plus a post exam because this school like giving out two finals at the end of the month. Oh and between all that I have quizzes, research papers every week and power point presentations. *sigh* That's life I guess.

Anyways before I stop blogging for a while I wanted to write about my little shopping spree. Yesterday my hubby and I went out on a date to watch Texas Chain Massacre and then have dinner. I guess you can say we were celebrating our other anniversary. We got married twice in a small amount of time. We married through court and then we married again and had a wedding. Today is our actual anniversary. Anyways so I went to Sally's, a beauty shop and they had some polishes and glitters on sale. I bought two ORLY nail polishes and two different glitters that I will use to dip my finger in when I want it on my nail polish. lol I don't know how to make nail polish so I will settle for that. I also bought Burt Bees, hand therapy kit. I was super excited. ^_^  My hands a cuticles don't look as dry anymore. Anyways that's it for tonight. Bye!



Thursday, January 3, 2013

Makoto nail polish by Daily Lacquer

Hello! ^_^ Today I will be posting about Makoto nail polish made by Maggy Collins from Daily Lacquer as you all know. Makoto is Sailor Jupiter (Lita Kino) in the Sailor Moon anime.  This nail polish consists of a clear based polish full of gorgeous green and pink matte glitters and holo glitters. It also contains pink hearts and holo moons. I love how maggy mixed up these glitters. Its simply beautiful! The polish was so easy to apply. You get a lot of glitter each time. I didn't even have to phish for the hearts and moons.

When I was younger Sailor Jupiter was my favorite Sailor Scout. She reminded me of me. She was tough and tomboyish like me! And I would wear rose earrings just like hers. My dad even bought me Sailor Jupiter figurine. Sadly I had to throw her away because a puppy I had at the time chewed her up. I was so sad. Oh and today as I was paying for this nail polish at Wal-Mart there was this cute old lady behind the register. She loved the color of the polish I was purchasing. I will blog about that later. Well, she tells me how she loves nail polish and has a huge collection. She showed me her nails and told me how she had bought new nail polishes and couldn't decide which to wear. So she put each one on a different nail with a different design on them. They were so pretty and glittery! She saw my nails with Makoto nail polish and she loved it. It was so awesome talking to her about nail polish. It would be cool to have a grandma like her! My grandparents are in Mexico and it is almost impossible to see them :( Anyways below are pictures of my swatch. I used Makoto over Essie's turquoise &caicos. I used different lightings.

I didn't know what photos to use because I loved all of them lol I took so many. They're not as perfect of detailed as most pictures I have seen from other bloggers but I like them.  hehe. That's it for today. Goodnight! Link to purchase this polish from Maggy is below