Saturday, December 1, 2012

Daily Lacquer Usagi From Moon Collection

Hello! ^_^ Its been a very long time since I have gotten on here to blog. I have been extremely busy with school that I have very little free time. Also, my school program doesn't allow me to have any type of nail art so that bums me out. :( Well, this weekend I decided to be a little rebel and take time away from my studies and paint my nails. I recently bought some nail polishes from Daily Lacquer (Maggy) that are Sailor Moon inspired and I'm in love with her nail polishes. They are from the Lovely Moon Collection. I bought Usagi, Minako, and Moon Kitty. I have yet to buy the others to complete the collection. I was so excited yesterday when I received them in the mail. She even put them in these adorable baggies which I loved and sent me a little gift of her Tink Pink nail polish. I love it! Here are some pics of Usagi's Polish. I used it over OPI's Blue My Mind. Click on Picture to make it bigger.

These are Moon Kitty, Minako, & Usagi
 These are the cute baggie the polishes were in

This is the one I used (Usagi)

This is the cute gift Maggy sent me

I just love how it looks in the light

 I really wish I could blow up the pic so you can see the detail but it comes out weird when I preview it. Next week I'll blog on the Minako nail polish. I'm going to sport these nails all weekend! =^_^= See ya! Oh! Here is Maggy Collins Facebook.
On her page is her Etsy shop as well. You can find these polishes there!

Nayeli <3

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