Friday, November 29, 2013

Mistletoe Ornaments

I recently started making ornaments for our Christmas tree. This year I wanted to have a Christmas tree with pinecone ornaments, cinnamon stars, and snow ornaments. I also wanted the colors to be strictly red, green, and white. So I came across some ideas of making ornaments with snow. There were a few that caught my eye. They had red berries inside. I decided to make some of my own with my own touch. These ornaments have the snow and red berries just like the ones I saw but mine have some glittery leaves inside them and the snow has some sparkles as well. I just love how they came out. I added a little red bow to make them look cutesy. Here is what they look like.

If you would like to know how to make these I have provided a tutorial on how to make them. They are pretty easy to make! Just make sure you buy berries that are able to fit in the hole of the ornament. The berries were a little to big for the holes but I was able to push them in.  I used fake berries that I bought from Michaels for 99 cents. The leaves also cost 99 cents.

Materials you will need are:

Buffalo snow flurries
Buffalo snowflakes
Clear glass ornaments (any size you want)
Red Berries
Any greens you wish to put inside
Wire cutters

I bought the snow flurries and snow flakes at Joanns. The rest is from Michaels. First remove the top from the ornament and fill with snow flurries.

Next put some snow flakes inside. This is optional. I like sparkly things so I added the snowflakes. This can get very messy so its a good idea to use a cardboard box so that any snow flurries or snowflakes can fall in there.
Next put the leaves inside and 3 red berries. with a toothpick you can move the leaves and red berries wherever you want them to be. Now place the top back on the ornament.

Finally, you make a bow out of red ribbon or any color you want to use and glue it with a glue gun. And this is your final product!
Do the same with the other clear glass ornaments.

Now you are ready to hang your ornaments on your Christmas tree. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you very much for reading my blog. Happy Holidays!

Here is my Christmas tree with the ornaments. I will post a tutorial on how to decorate pinecones and hang them up as ornaments.


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