Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back to blogging

It has been a long time since I have blogged. I got so busy with school that I quit doing my crafts and doing my nails. School got so hard that I fell into a depression. I took a break and went back only to fail out of school. I needed 3 more classes to finish the program. I was so close. It took one mean witch who thinks she's so great at her job and is so high strung about her status to fail out. She was a very unfair teacher. Hell, I'm just going to say it. She was a major bitch. Getting kicked out of the program over a D hit me pretty hard for 2 weeks. I cried my eyes out and felt like a total failure. Thanks to the support of my husband and family I was able to get passed this sadness. I think it was the best. Keiser University is a worthless place to get an education. You have no voice in this school You can't defend yourself and you get written up for others bad behaviors. I was miserable in that school so I try to see it as a positive thing. I am no longer stressed, miserable, or feel like killing myself due to the extreme stress I was in.  There were times where I may have gotten into fatal accidents due to lack of sleep. Falling asleep on the road is no fun. I did crash into this one guy on the day of my final. I wasn't hurt and the guy wasn't either. Still I just needed to hold on a little longer and get to fieldwork and I could have been a COTA. But I will see this as a positive thing. I am happy now and I am calm. I am back to crafting and doing my nails. Ever since I failed out of OT school I have been crafting like crazy and decorating my home. My home was a mess when I was in school. I didn't have time to clean. Now my home is nice and clean and pretty as well. I will be posting the crafts I have been doing from now on in this blog as well as my nail art. I love doing both things so it was hard to come up with a name for my blog. So I named it the creative spot because I am a very creative person. Right now I am so happy with my fall decorations. Its not much. It's a small section of my apartment that I decided to decorate for fall and Halloween. Keep scrolling down to see the pictures.

This was for Halloween. My husband and I carved a pumpkin. It was my first time and I had so much fun. The wreath you see there I made on my own. I bought 3 different sized vases at the Dollar Store and some fall leaves. Then I put them in the vases and added water. Finally, I put floating candles. The other candle is a pumpkin spice candle that smells delicious!

                                         Here is my dog Charlie with the pumpkin we carved

I currently have this decoration for November. I have the same 3 vases with water and fall leaves and the pumpkin spice candle. This time I added 2 glittery pumpkins, another pumpkin spice candle that has a pretty design on it and some fall flowers. I just love it!

I also have these adorable owls. The middle one was a gift from my best friend. The other two I bought on sale at Michaels. They are all candle holders. I just love them so much.

That is all I have for this month of decorations. I wish I could do more but money is tight right now. I will however be working soon so now I can decorate the house for the holidays. Till then, goodbye!


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