Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines Day Decor


Its been a while since I have blogged. It has been hard for me to keep up with my blog. I am not an experienced blogger and I don't know how often people post on their blog but I will keep trying to make the effort. I do enjoy blogging and showing off my crafts. :) So on with my Valentines Day décor. A few weeks ago I posted my clothespin Valentines Day Wreath and some of my décor. I was not happy with it so I redid it. The picture above is what I did! Everything in this picture I got from the dollar store except for the two small frames. They were at Michaels for $1 each. I think I bought them last year.

Let me explain how I made my Valentines frames. They are very easy to do.

For the little picture frames I kept the paper that was inside the squared one and just put a glittery heart shape foam in the center. For the oval picture frame I printed out the words love, cute it in the shape of the picture frame and placed it in. I wanted to perfect cubed love letters but I could not find one I really liked. The one I used was perfect BUT it had some black words at the very bottom. I made the mistake by putting white out on the words and now it doesn't look that great. No matter. I am not picky.
 I just love how this little frame turned out. So simple and cute!

Here is what I meant about the white out. It looks so pretty with the words love but that white out killed it. lol I am thinking of just reprinting it and leaving the small black letters that were there. 

For the white and red heart frame I bought a frame from the dollar tree and some heart doilies. The red heart in the middle I bought a package at Target for $1. The red cardstock I bought at Joanns Fabrics for 60 some cents I think. The frame was brown so I painted it with white acrylic paint. Then I cut the red card stock to the size of the frame. Last I glued the white heart shaped doily in the center and then the red heart in the center of the doily. Now you are ready to place it in the frame. Tada! Easy right?

Ok on to the doily and heart vases!

For these cute heart doily vases all I did was cut out red hearts from the card stock I had left over. Then I glued them in the center of the doilies and glued that to the vases. By the way the vases I had from a while back but I bought them at dollar tree! The roses I also bought from dollar tree.
 Close up of the doilies
So that is my Valentines Day décor! I am pretty pleased with it. :) Above this décor I have my Valentines Day clothespin Wreath and the garlands as well. Tomorrow I will have a new post up on a wreath I made inspired from another blogger. I just love this wreath! Stay tuned! Time to get some sleep.


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