Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY Valentines Clothespin Wreath

For some reason I thought I had posted about the Valentines Clothespin Wreath I made but I guess I didn't. Well here it is now. I usually make burlap wreaths for every holiday. I just love burlap but for Valentines I wanted to do something different. I found the idea of the clothespin wreath on December when someone made a Christmas wreath out of clothespins. I thought the idea was great so I decided to make one of my own. I am pretty pleased with the outcome! Here is what it looks like!

It is rather easy to make. All you need is

wire wreath form. (Mine is a 12 inch)
Clothespins( I bought 2 packs at the dollar store.)
Heart Jewels (bought at Joanns Fabrics)
Foam hearts (Bought at Joanns Fabrics)
Red ribbon
Pink Acrylic Paint or spray paint
An Owl frame (Optional...I bought mine at Target for $1)

I did this the hard way and I sort of regretted it. I hand painted each clothespin in pink chiffon. That took forever! I suggest spray painting. One they were dried I placed the clothespins (54 of them) around the wire wreath form. I put the clothespins on the last two inner wires of the wreath form.  Then I just hot glued the foam hearts and the jewel hearts on the wreath. The Owl frame is actually being held by the clothespins. Lastly, I cut off a piece of ribbon and wrapped it on the top of the wire form and hot glued the ends. Next I make a bow and hot glued it to the ribbons and glued a heart jewel in the middle. Easy right?! Hope you like it and find it easy to make!

Here is the wreath with the burlap garland and felt heart garland I made

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