Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2 different nail art

I did two different nail art this month. Well actually it might be 3. With this one I started off by painting them gold and then adding some orange nail polish diagonally with tape. Here is the picture.


Then I added some black on the tips. This is where they came out kind of bulky because I fell asleep and they got lines on them so I added another clear coat to smooth the lines out.

I was really pleased with how they turned out. I did this nail art to match a blouse that has this exact same pattern. I was going out on a date with my husband. I got some nice compliments on them.

Ok so for this next nail art, I did them for my 2 year anniversary date with my husband on Monday. I did my toes too to match my hands. I got this idea from a nail art tutorial on youtube from Janelle (elleandish). It's really cute and fun. I got a lot of compliments on them when we were out on our anniversary date. My husband thought they were Vera Bradley inspired nails lol. I have a few Vera Bradley purses so I guess that is why he thought that. These are actually Marimekko inspired by Janelle (Elleandish) Here are pictures

I really loved these! For Janelle (Elleandish) tutorial click on the link below

That is it.


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