Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Marimekko flower nail art recreation

For my 2 year wedding anniversary date with my husband I wanted to wear something cute on my nails. I was on Youtube and came across Elleandish. She had this cute Marimekko inspired flower nail tutorial. I decided to give it a try and I was satisfied with it that I did my toe nails as well. I wore a cute orange blouse with gold sandals to go with my nails. I also had a Vera Bradley purse that kind of went with my theme. My husband took me out to eat at Bucca Di Beppo, went to the mall where he bought me a Vera Bradley headband and my favorite Macaroons, and took me to the movies. I got compliments on everything. So here is my recreation of Elleandish Marimekko nail art.

Elleandish Marimekko tutorial follow this link

This Le Macaron French pastries store that I love buying my Macaroons from.

My favorite Macaroons. Rose, Coconut, Belgian Chocolate, Vanilla, Gingerbread, And I forgot the last one. It was a new one.

 This is my favorite Macaroon. It is called Rose and it sort of tastes like rose petals. It has a sweet taste and is light. It is delicious. I love this one a lot. That's it for this post!

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