Sunday, August 4, 2013

Model City Wear With Caution polish

Today I have Model City's Wear With Caution. I had taken these pictures a while back. Maybe like a month or 2 ago. I still wear this polish because I love the holographic effect. This was my very first holographic nail polish. I have seen many people on Instagram about how awesome holos are. I have seen many and none have caught my eye. I guess its because Instragram sometimes blurs peoples picture when the post them. So I saw a swatch by Nina (maker of Model City polish) on facebook (I follow her) and I fell in love with the color and the holo effect. I just had to have it. I stalked her page waiting for the day she would sell that polish. My classmates were laughing at me because I had set an alarm at the time she would put the polish in stock and was ready to run to the bathroom at purchase it on my phone. We had presentations that day and I was afraid I was going to get called up to present my presentation at the time she posted the polish for sale. Luckily we were given a break and I bought the polish. lol I was determined to buy it before it sold out. The day I received my package I was so excited! I put on the polish right away and I was very pleased with this polish. It is beautiful! I would get so distracted when the sun would hit my finger nails lol I went a little crazy taking pictures too lol Wear With Caution is a perfect name for this polish because you will get distracted so easily with it. It's so beautiful. It is a beautiful purple polish packed with holo goodness. Now its time for the pictures!

I just love this polish! I can't get enough of it! The polish is currently not on her shop. My guess is it is sold out but you can check out her other polishes as well. She might put up more for sale later. Her esty shop is linked below

Her facebook is this link below

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