Friday, December 19, 2014

Reindeer Wall Art

Hello all! In this post I do have a tutorial! This is a reindeer wall art that I saw on Anneorshine's Youtube channel. I just love how hers turned out! Mine came out decent lol. I am still pretty pleased with the turn out. I wanted to add a red poinsettia to my reindeer like Anneorshine, but 1. I didn't want to copy her too much and 2. A red poinsettia wouldn't have gone with my blue, silver, and gold Christmas theme in my living room. My husband thought it would be best to just put a white one on it. I had a burlap poinsettia on it as well but my husband didn't like how it looked. He thought it was too much and it hid the reindeers ear. So I kept it with a simple white poinsettia. What do you think? Also, I would like to add that this photo had to be taken outside. I wish I could have taken one inside with all my Christmas d├ęcor but the lighting in my living room is terrible! There is basically no light in my living room. That's how this apartment is set up. I have a basic lamp but the photos were not coming out right so I had to take picture outside. You will see in a minute what I mean.
Here I added the blue poinsettia to see a different way to make it
Anneorshine's tutorial is on this link.
This is what I did.
I used a 20X16 canvas. I first used painters tape and taped it on my canvas like so.

Then I began to paint the white parts with gold acrylic paint. This took several coats. I used a sponge brush and for some reason it just wasn't sticking to the canvas.
I used my fingers instead and got it to be somewhat opaque. I quickly added the gold glitter.
When I shook off all the glitter I noticed the glitter wasn't sticking very well so I decided to use my trusted method. ModPodge! Note: Do not do this on your carpet like I did! lol I had to move outside in the patio when using the glitter.
What I did here is I put one coat of ModPodge on the glitter that was already on the canvas. I let that dry for a little and then added more glitter to make it opaque. Then I added another layer of ModgePodge over that and let it dry for a few hours to seal in the glitter. Then I gently removed the painters tape.

Tada!! I let this sit for a day to completely dry. It was already late that night so I decided to leave it for another day. On to the reindeer head! Now I'm not a very good drawer like Anneorshine so I found this template on google search and used this one.
I cut traced the shape on cardboard that you can buy at Walmart and cut it out with a exacto knife.
Sorry this is so gross! I had used the top of a pizza box to do this to show you an idea but I did not use this. I forgot to take a picture of the process with the cardboard I found at Walmart so I got the pizza box my husband had on the table and redid this to show you a picture of what I did. I dont have a picture of me glittering the reindeer head but I used the ModPodge method. I first put a later of it on the head and then covered it with glitter. I let it dry for 2 hours and then put another layer of ModPodge to seal in the glitter to prevent any fallout.

I found this little cup laying around that I dont use anymore. I painted it gold and let it dry. Last I placed this in the center of my canvas and hot glued it down. Last I hot glued the reindeer head on it and glued the white poinsettia. Sorry I did not take pictures of the entire process!! I totally forgot about it. When I craft I just get so into it that I forget to take pictures to provide a tutorial. I will try harder next time!

 I think I like it with the blue poinsettia better!


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