Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Frosty Glittery Votive Candle Holder

Hello! Well I must say I am pretty upset that I was not able to post any of my Christmas Crafts because my laptop broke down. It just doesn't want to turn on! So I am using my husbands old laptop which is not that great but hey its something! At first I couldn't use it because there was a virus and all these pop ups kept coming up making it hard to browse the internet. But I am back now and able to post. So on with this votive candle holder! I made two different ones. One was for me and the other one was a mason jar that had all these Christmas gifts inside for my sister in law. She can also use it as a candle holder.

This is the one I made for my sister in law

So how did I make these? These were rather easy to make! There is a lot of tutorials out there on how to get this frosty look. I will show you how I did mine anyways so lets get started!

Materials needed
Clean Jars of your choice
Glitter of any color you like (I used pink, gold, and white glitter)
Paint Brush/Sponge brush

First you grab any jars you might have laying around or you can buy mason jars at your local craft store.

Now you will mix all the glitters you chose in a bowl. I used Gold, Pink, and White. Mix the glitters well. When you mix your glitters put as much as you want. Play with them. That is what I did until I was satisfied with how the mixture of glitters looked together.
Pour some ModPodge into the bowl and mix with the glitter. I did not measure how much to mix in the glitter. I wanted the mixture to look frosty so I started off by pouring ModPodge little by little in the bowl and mixed until I got a thick pasty consistency. I hope the next picture shows the consistency I got. There should be a lot more in the bowl but I had already covered my jars in the mixture. I realized I forgot to take a picture and did so before I finished.

It is time to cover the outside of your jars with the mixture. Spread in a patting motion all around the jar, For the mason jar I used one layer and for the little candle holder I used two layers.

Allow to dry for a full day. Once it is dry you will notice the jars are not white anymore. That's how you know they are dry. OR you can tough them to see if they are dry too. Now you are finished! Aren't they pretty?!

 They look so pretty lit up! You can put any small candle to illuminate the jars. I just love how they turned out!

That is it for today. I will post my Christmas owl pillows soon I hope. Even though Christmas is already over I will still post them. Oh and these glittery frosty votives can be given as gifts for any occasion! Until next time!


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