Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make Up Your Face "Treat Yourself"

Well, again its been a while since I have blogged. Been busy with school like always. Soon I may have a lot of free time to blog and do more nail polish reviews. There's a chance I might get out of the program. I get too much homework and my health has been going down because of the stress. Anyways todays blog is about a new polish I bought a few weeks back. I have never tried other Indie polish other than Daily Lacquer. She is still my number one favorite. So the polish I bought was from Make Up Your Face and it is called Treat Yourself. I really liked the polish. It is a milky ever so slightly pink-ish polish with tons of magenta hexagons and squares with a sprinkling of light blue and teal glitters. I loved how it glittered in the light and I love the color combinations in this polish. It is also very easy to apply. It is smooth and doesn't get sticky like some glitter polishes I have bought at local stores. Below are two pictures. Since I have not have too much time to take good pictures I just took them with my phone. Sorry about that

It really looks a lot better in person. To purchase this polish click the link below



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