Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'll Fly Away Nail Polish by Daily Lacquer

So here is the other polish I bought from Daily Lacquer (Maggy). It is from her All You Need Is Love collection. This is such a cute polish. I'll Fly Away is a light turquoise crelly polish filled matte pink hearts and blossoms!!  The little pink blossoms and hearts is what makes this polish so cute. They blend so well with the turquoise color. I love this polish. It adorable. Maggy did such a great job in creating this polish. It was so easy to apply too. The consistency is good and you also get a lot of blossoms and hearts when you apply to your nails. I wanted the hearts to pop out more so I used a clear polish over them right away to get the turquoise color off the heart. I used 3 coats of I'll fly away. Below are the pictures!

There you have it! To purchase this polish you can go to her etsy store here.
She's got new polishes coming from SailorMoon. I'm so excited to buy them all! They are so beautiful! ^_^ Ok off to study for my finals now :/


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