Friday, August 24, 2012

Going back to knitting real soon!

Heller!! ^_^  I'm super excited because as the title says I will be going back to knitting. Knitting was one of my favorite things to do but I took a break from it. The hands to hurt after knitting for hours. A friend I used to work with back home is paying me to make her two baby outfits for her upcoming newborn baby. I'm so excited!! She sent me a picture of a cute panda outfit she wants me to make for her daughter. Its so cute! I cant wait to start it and see the end result. She also wants me to make this cute baby outfit I had made for my friend Ambers baby. Below is a picture of that one. I really loved this one when I finished it. I hope to someday have a daughter so I can make her these. Anyways, I have never done a baby panda outfit so im super excited about how the outcome will look. I better start working on them now before I get a job and I wont have the time. So check out the pics of one of the outfits im making for my friends baby daughter.

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