Thursday, August 2, 2012

Charlies 1st birthday

Hi! ^_^ Yesterday was my dog Charlie 1st birthday. Wow I cant believe hes 1 years old! He grew too fast. I remember when I first got him and how tiny he was. He looked like a little mouse running around the apartment with his toys. He would fit in the palm of my hand sitting. Now his arms and legs hang from my hand. He's all grown up now. I wanted to spoil him for his birthday, (as if hes not spoiled already!) so I looked up for recipes to bake him a little cake that's pet friendly. I found one that has peanut butter and bananas in it and Charlie just loves both. He mostly loves bananas. We only give him a little peanut butter with his dewormer pill because thats the only way he'll eat his pill. He loves it. Instead of making it into a cake I decided to make a cupcake out of it. I also got him some little treats and he was super happy to get those. He got lots of hugs and kisses from me too hehe. When his cupcake was ready I put a little peanut butter on top and 1 candle. Then I made him a little birthday hat out of construction paper. When I put it on him, let just say he wasn't too happy lol. I got a few pictures of him with it which are posted below this blog. Oh and by the way, I contacted his Vet to see if the recipe was safe for him. He said yes but not to use too much peanut butter because it's high in fat. So I lowered the porportion of peanut butter in it. When I was done taking pictures of him he was delighted to be able to eat his cupcake. He scarfed it down fast. lol He had a pretty good first birthday I must say. He got treats, cupcake, and even new toys. Yup my baby is very spoiled lol. I just love my dog. Ok now for the pictures.

Charlie all bathed and cleaned with his birthday hat.

He wasn't too  happy about the hat lol

Here he was anxious to get his cupcake. 

Took off his birthday hat and took a picture of it with his cupcake. You can see him sitting on the right hand side

Hes never seen a candle upclose before so hes curious about it lol

He really wants the cupcake and for me to stop taking pictures lol

And the eating of his cupcake begins

I decided to let him eat it on the floor becuase it was going to get messy and it did.

Just look at his face! lol He was so anxious to eat it all

See what I mean about getting messy? haha

Almost done! I didnt get a picture of him finishing it though

And that's it. Next year i'll make him another cupcake but with different ingredients and some pet friendly frosting. I'll also make the treats myself. I found some pretty good recipes that I know he will love. ^_^ That's it for today. I have not been feeling too good today so I am going to relax some more and lay down. Until next time! Buh bye!

Nayeli ^_^

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