Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homemade cleaners

Hi ^_^ Ok I know I havent been here much but its because im working on more felt flowers. My friend wants me to make her some cute little felt flowers on clips for her adorable baby. Well, actually I offered to make some for her. :) I will post pics of all the flowers I have made sometime soon. Anyways this post is not about felt flowers. Im so excited because I have been browsing on pinterest and came across some pretty cool remedies to clean your house. I came across two remedies. One was is to clean your microwave and another one to clean your shower. Well I began cleaning today and tried both of them. Sorry I do not have pictures well, I didnt think to take pictures of the before and after. Thats how excited I was to try these new home remedies. These remedies worked wonders! My microwave is spot clean and looks like new! My shower, im impressed with this remedy! You see, every month I dye the white patch of hair I have on top of my head. I'ts a birthmark I inherited from my father. I hate it. Most think I should grow it out. Hell no! I did try once but I was looking like an old woman so I've been dying it ever since. Anyways, my tub and tiles get stained from the black dye and its so hard to take off. I used to srub and scrub to no avail. It would still stay stained and I ended up with my knees and back hurting. Well, this remedy I found in pinterest worked wonders! I started off by spraying the tile and as it was dripping down to the tub you can see how this remedy was working. It moved the stains in seconds! I love love this concoction! Next time Ill update make an update of this blog with pictures. Below are the links to these two different remedies. ^_^

homemade shower cleaner

Microwave cleaner

Nayeli :3

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