Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Homemade Febreze

How to make homemade Febreze
Hi! ^_^ Ok so today I was hanging out in my living room watching some tv all of a sudden I noticed a funky smell near me. I started sniffing around the area when I noticed it was coming from Charlies crate. It wasnt urine smell but poop. Yuck. When I took out his bed and blanky, his blanky had 3 pieces of dried poop stuck in it. The smell was so much stronger and I wanted to throw up. x_x So I cleaned up his crate and put his toys, blanky and bed to wash. I took off the dried pieces of poop of course which was so disgusting! >.< The smell was still lingering and was wondering what to do about it when BAM it hit me! I have a pin pinned on my pinterest board on homemade febreze! I didnt want to spend $5.59 on the real thing. Im trying to save money here so I decided to make it since I had the required ingredients. The place smells so good now! I started to spray it all over the apartment and the place smells fresh and clean! =^o^= Oh and I sprayed some near Charlies crate too.I will be using this from now on. If you wish to save money like me and make your own febreze here is what you will need.

1/8 cup of any fabric softner you like to use. ( I used snuggle blue sparkle)
2 Tablespoons baking soda
1 spray bottle
hot tap water to fill the bottle to the top

Now just shake the bottle so the substances mix and you are set to spray! I got the information on how much to use on blog called fake it frugal. When I pinned it to my pinterest I clicked on it and it took me to her blog. Here is the link to her blog. Fake it Frugal  I'm so glad for pinterest. It has so many homemade rememdies to make and it wont cost you a lot of money if you already have the ingredients. I just saved myself about $6. Yay!

Nayeli :3

Update: While I still love this, I suggest you dont spray near furniture. It will leave spots.  So I just spray away from furniture where these spots wont show.

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