Thursday, December 27, 2012

Daily Lacquer Mamoru Nail Polish

So I recently bought Mamoru and Chibiusa nail polish set from Daily Lacquer Maggy and the polishes are beautiful. It was money well spent hehe. The set is called Father and Daughter Duo. These two characters are based off my favorite Sailor Moon anime. I am a huge Sailor Moon fan so I have been buying all of Maggy's Sailor Moon polishes lol. Mamoru is Darien also known as Tuxedo Mask and Chibiusa is Rini also known as Sailor Mini Moon. She is Mamoru's daughter.

Mamoru is a clear based full of black and white micro glitters, white stars, and a smattering of matter red hexes. Chibiusa is a white based crelly polish full of pink hearts, pink holo hexes, and holo moons. When I put on these nail polishes I was very satisfied with the outcome. Below are pictures of Mamoru polish over Loreal's Greycian Goddess. For Chibi Usa I used it over NYC's Wall Street #234. I dont have many pictures of ChibiUsa because I would not get a good picture of it so I will be re-doing it and will post on a different day. Ok now for the pictures!

Next is ChibiUsa
Link to purchase these polishes from Maggy are below.


  1. Awww im so glad you love it!! I love all your polishes! <3