Sunday, December 30, 2012

Moon Kitty nail polish by Daily Lacquer

So I finally tried on Moon Kitty Nail polish from the Moon Collection by Maggy the Daily Lacquerista! Purple is one of my favorite colors and I just love this polish! It is a purple jelly cream polish full of gorgeous silver and holo glitters with stars, moons, and diamonds. I really love this polish and Maggy did such a great job in making this! This polish is based on the Luna who is Sailor Moons Kitty. Below is a picture of Luna and my nails with the polish. I will be using this polish for new years to go with my outfit. ^_^ Also I did use this polish over Xtreme wear's Purple Potion. I just used one coat because I wanted more of the purple in Moon Kitty. I tried to use Moon Kitty alone but since there is so much wonderful glitter, the glitter would not stand out as much. When I used it over Purple Potion, the glitter just popped so beautifully. I also phished out a few stars and moons to put on two of my fingers because I wanted all my nails to match. I am so happy with the outcome! I love love love!!

yup I LOVE this!


And that is all for tonight! Hope everyone has a happy new year!!
Link to purchase this nail polish below

Nayeli  =^_^=

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