Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daisy felt flower

Hi! ^_^  Ok so as I said I'm so behind on my blogs because I've been super busy making different kinds of crafts. I have been working on several cute felt flowers, beading, and making cute flowers out of pearls. I will post the different felt flowers I've done on other blogs. Right now I want to show everyone this felt daisy flower that I just LOVE!! I dont know if its a daisy but to me it looks like a daisy haha. I made a pin out of it and put it on this plain tank top that I have that needed some glamour. I have a lot of plain tshirts and tank tops that need something to make it look cute so I have made some felt flowers for them. I was planning on sewing them on the shirts but I thought it was much easier to just turn the flower into a pin so I can put it on the shirt whenever I want to.

As I said earlier, I just LOVE this flower. I also made the little pearl flower embelishment to make it look fancy. I love pearls.

And this is what the flower pin looks like on my plain tank top. It really made the shirt pop. Doesnt it look beautiful!! I just love this shirt now!

For those of you who would like to make them heres another girls blog with a tutorial on how to make them. I didnt follow the steps exactly as Mrs. Priss though. Instead of pinching each and every single petal and then putting the small ones over the bigger petals I just hot glued the small petals on top of the big petals and then hot glued them and pinched them. Saves more time. Either method works just fine. Then on the back I hot glued the pin. You can find them at walmart. The pearls I also got them at wal mart as well. They have a big box full of different sizes of pearls for like $9. I've made several different flower pearls which I will post on a different blog. You can put any embelishment you want on the flower if you want. Anyways, heres the link to the tutorial to make these flowers.



Nayeli =^_^=

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