Thursday, January 3, 2013

Makoto nail polish by Daily Lacquer

Hello! ^_^ Today I will be posting about Makoto nail polish made by Maggy Collins from Daily Lacquer as you all know. Makoto is Sailor Jupiter (Lita Kino) in the Sailor Moon anime.  This nail polish consists of a clear based polish full of gorgeous green and pink matte glitters and holo glitters. It also contains pink hearts and holo moons. I love how maggy mixed up these glitters. Its simply beautiful! The polish was so easy to apply. You get a lot of glitter each time. I didn't even have to phish for the hearts and moons.

When I was younger Sailor Jupiter was my favorite Sailor Scout. She reminded me of me. She was tough and tomboyish like me! And I would wear rose earrings just like hers. My dad even bought me Sailor Jupiter figurine. Sadly I had to throw her away because a puppy I had at the time chewed her up. I was so sad. Oh and today as I was paying for this nail polish at Wal-Mart there was this cute old lady behind the register. She loved the color of the polish I was purchasing. I will blog about that later. Well, she tells me how she loves nail polish and has a huge collection. She showed me her nails and told me how she had bought new nail polishes and couldn't decide which to wear. So she put each one on a different nail with a different design on them. They were so pretty and glittery! She saw my nails with Makoto nail polish and she loved it. It was so awesome talking to her about nail polish. It would be cool to have a grandma like her! My grandparents are in Mexico and it is almost impossible to see them :( Anyways below are pictures of my swatch. I used Makoto over Essie's turquoise &caicos. I used different lightings.

I didn't know what photos to use because I loved all of them lol I took so many. They're not as perfect of detailed as most pictures I have seen from other bloggers but I like them.  hehe. That's it for today. Goodnight! Link to purchase this polish from Maggy is below


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