Monday, January 13, 2014

Burlap Garland AND Heart Garland

Today I finished doing my heart garland made out of felt. Yesterday I made a burlap garland to go with my Valentines Day décor for my little office area in my apartment. I went all out on the pink, red, and white colors. lol Pink is my favorite color. It seems like a lot but its the only place my husband will allow me to put Valentines décor. Lol. He thinks its too girly girly to have around the apartment. So here are the garlands I made.
Tutorial on the clothespin wreath will be posted tomorrow as it is late and I am tired. So on to the tutorial for the burlap garland! Sorry I did not take pictures for each step.

All you will need is
Red yarn
Red sharpie
Hot Glue gun

1.) Start by cutting 6 triangles. If you want to make perfect triangles just make a stencil out of paper by making a triangle with a ruler. Cut that triangle and then pin it on the burlap and begin cutting.

2.) Color in some hearts in the middle of the triangles with the red sharpie. If you want to make perfect hears like me use a stencil. I'm a perfectionist. I used a precut foam heart, traced it on the burlap, and colored it in.

3.) Now glue the triangles on a long string of red yarn. I did not measure mine. I just played it by ear. What I did was I got a ball of yarn and spread the end of the string on the floor before cutting it off the ball. I then placed every triangle about 1 inch apart from each other. Make sure you leave 1 inch of yarn at each end of the garland as well. Once I had them placed, I turned them around to the other side, meaning, the back of the triangles were facing me, and then started hot gluing the red yarn on the very top of the triangles.

4.) Now you are ready to cut the yarn from the ball and put it on your wall!

For the heart garland you will need

Packages of heart shaped felts that you can buy at Micheals or Joanns Fabrics. I bought mine at Joanns. The brand is called Craft Essentials. I bought 3 different packages of hearts. I also hand made some of my own felt hearts. Here are some pictures of the ones I bought. The very tiny hearts you see in the middle of the hearts I found them at Target for $1. They are stickers so I sticked them in the middle.

If you want to make your own heart felts then you can do so. All you are going to need is felt of any color of your choice and heart stencils if you want to make them perfect like I do.

1.) I started off by tracing a big heart that came in the packages I bought to the felt. Then I cut it out.
2.) I found a small heart from the packages and traced that to a different colored felt. I cut that as well.
3.) I glued the small heart in the middle of the big heart with hot glue gun.
4.) I sticked the heart shaped felts I found at Target in the middle of the little heart.
5.)Using the same process I used in the burlap garland, I hot glued each heart 1 inch apart to a red string of yarn.
6.) Now place the garland on your wall!

You can mix and match the hearts to whatever colors you want to use. It all depends on your imagination!

I really enjoyed making these garlands as it was my first time making them. ^_^


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