Monday, July 16, 2012


Charlie is my cute little chocolate brown chihuahua. He is my baby and I love him very much. I first got him around November of 2011. My husband wanted to get me a puppy because I was homesick and had no friends or anyone to talk to. I had moved to Florida from Texas and the change was overwheling at first. So he got Charlie for me and hes now my little best friend. I have already made some friends here in Florida but still Charlie is my best friend and I dont know what I would do without him. He is quite a character. He cracks me up all the time with the little things he does. When hes super excited he tends to run all over the apartment, wagging his little tail and jumping. There was one time where I lost him for hours and I remember feeling so sad. I couldnt find him at all and I began to cry. I felt an emptiness in my heart. My husband did everything he could to find him. Well somehow I managed to go back out there to find him and I did and I was so relieved! Hes my world just like my husband is. :) Well heres some pictures of my baby Charlie

This is when he was a puppy 3 months

I loved his green eyes

This was in December 2011. I knitted a scarf for him lol

This is what my lil Charlie looks like now. 11 months old 

He LOVES to play with his toys. Hes spoiled <3

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