Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cute Bracelet I made

Hi! =^-^= I'm so excited because I made my very first bracelet!Well, I've done many bracelets but only with that stretchy cord because it's the easiest way to make a bracelet. I like doing things the easy way most of the time. So I finally decided to take a little challenge and make a bracelet with wire and added a cute toggle heart clasp in the end. ^-^ My husband was watching the Olympics and I find certain sports rather boring, so I thought I would try and make this bracelet. I just love the colors of the bracelet. It has some greens, pinks, gold, and champagne colors. The green beads change color and also has kind of like a fuschia color tone. Below are some pictures I took. The pictures don't do this pretty bracelet any justice. In person it sparkles in such a lovely way and the colors stand out so much more.

This bracelet looks great with purple or pink outfits

I love the heart toggle clasp. It's a little small but I couldn't find a bigger one. I still think it looks good.

So that's my bracelet. ^-^ I have another one in the works. The beads are a turquoise/aqua color and has some very pretty gold tones. Im putting a gold tone heart toggle clasp on that one as well. I will post pictures of that one soon.

Nayeli :3

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