Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Nail Art Designs

Hi! ^_^ For the past several months I have gotten really into nail art. I love cute designs people come up with. I have seen so many tutorials and I have copied a few from pictures ive come across through google search. I have also come up with my own ideas and have more I need to do. Im only still I beginner I think. Some of the pictures im going to post here are when I first started. I will be redoing some of them later on in the future ^_^ Sorry if the pictures are crappy. Im a beginner at taking nice pictures too lol. Ok on with the pics!

Cherry blossom nails.This was my first time doing nail art. 

My husband bought me some crackle nail polish so I came up with this. I used white nail polish and 5 different colors. Then put the black crackle nail polish.

This is another original design I came up with. I was inspired by my dog Charlies blanky

Another design I came up with for St. Paticks day.

Another original design I came up with for Easter

 I loved this Monster can and got inspired to do these nails. Another original idea I came up with

I saw a girls picture with a design similar to this so I decided to try it with a little difference. Her name is Katrina. She only has the zebra print in the middle finger and the heart in the ring finger

I also found this design through google image search. I dont know who came up with this design but I decided to do it. Hers came out way better than mine

This one was a design I came did on my own too. I was inspired by some scrap book paper I had. 

Everyone has done this design so I did it too :)

Everyone has also done the converse nails. I got inspired by a girl who has videos on her facebook called cutepolish

This is my most recent nail art. I did these for 4th of july of course and showed them off when I was out and about with my husband ^_^


  1. I love all of them! The cherry blossoms are sooo pretty but I'm a dog lover so I'm going to have to go with the blanket design ;)

  2. Hi! Thanks! Glad you liked them. Yeah my favorite one is the one with my dogs blanket design. Im a dog lover too ^_^ hehe