Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Charlies new toys

Hi ^-^ Today my husband brought charlie some new stuffed toys! The ones he has right now are all torn and gutted out. >.< He destroys his toys really fast! I had bought Charlie a cute froggy and he destroyed it in less than a month lol. I decided it's not worth buying charlie new toys since he destroys them really fast so its best to get him donated ones. My husband needed to go to the airman shop at his airforce base to buy some uniform shirts for work. They also have a lot of donated items in there and are free for any military members and their spouses.You would be surprised how many pretty things you can find for your home, clothes, and even toys. Anyways,  I have been wanting to go there but asked my husband if he can to find charlie some toys. I thought he would forget but he didnt. :) He text me that he got Charlie 3 stuffed animals. I thought that was sweet that he remembered. <3Charlie was delighted when my husband gave him his new toys. He really loved the reindeer one and the penguin. Oh and guess what?! He already tore the penguin lol *shakes my head* He kept knawing at the pinguins feet and made a hole >.< Charlie sure is something! I sewed it though but im sure he will open it again tomorrow.

These are his new toys. I love the reindeer one. Its too cute for Charlie to destroy lol You can see on the pengiuns right foot all sewn up. lol

He loves the reindeer one the most

Gotta love my little Charlie though. Oh my gosh I just remembered! His birthday is tomorrow!! These are his birthday toys =^.^= I'm thinking of making him a bowl full of treats for him to indulge on hehe. I'll also make him a birthday hat his size and take a picture of him and post it tomorrow. Yup I have my baby spoiled lol.

Nayeli ^.^

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