Monday, January 21, 2013

Daily Lacquer "Chibiusa" Nail Polish

This is another mani that I did using Maggy's from Daily Lacquer "Chibiusa" nail polish. I had done a mani about a month ago but was not happy with the results. I made it too clumpy. So I redid them and I am now very happy with the results. I love this polish a lot! Chibiusa is based on the character Chibi Moon from the anime series Sailor Moon! Chibiusa is a white-based crelly polish full of pink hearts, pink holo hexes, and holo moons! I have to say, I was not a big fan of white crelly's until I purchased Chibiusa. I try to stay away from light colors because my cuticle areas are dark and I hate them. Even though I hate that, I loved how Chibiusa looked so I have come to like these white crelly's

This is Chibiusa also known as Rini
I used Chibiusa over white nail polish and for the thumb and ring finger I used a very light pink from NYC (wallstreet)
 This is my favorite Sailor Moon Necklace. I bought from Kuma Crafts. She makes a lot of Sailormoon theme necklaces. She has one for Chibiusa but her necklaces are hard to get. I got lucky with this one.
I am very pleased with the outcome. This polish is very easy to apply and I did not have a hard time getting the hearts. I actually got lucky this time and was able to get one heart at least in each nail. To make the heart pop out a little I brushed over the hearts lightly a few times to take of a little of the white crelly with clear nail polish. That's it for today. Now it's time to study for my midterm. Booo
Link to purchase ChibiUsa below


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