Saturday, January 26, 2013

Moulin Rouge Nail Polish by Daily Lacquer

Yay! I got my Daily Lacquer nail polish earlier this week! Maggy owner of Daily Lacquer sent me a yummy lollipop and a sweet little message on my receipt. She's such a sweet person. I love her! I bought Moulin Rouge and I'll Fly Away. I love them! For todays blog I will be posting about Moulin Rouge polish. I will post about I'll Fly Away on another post. Moulin Rouge is a glitter bomb to the max! Full of black, red, and gold glitter. It also has cute red and black hearts!  The formula was great. Very easy to apply and for every dip I would get a lot of black and red hearts. I love it! I used Moulin Rouge over two different colors. I wasn't sure what color to use so I did two different one. It goes well with white nail polish too but I wanted to try something different. I used Fierce N Tangy 230 (yellow) from Maybelline color show on one hand and NYC's Mulberry Street 212 (beige) on the other hand. I liked both. Below are the pictures. By the way, I will be updating with better pictures of this later this weekend. I got busy trying to come up with a treatment plan for case study the professor gave me. It was the hardest thing I had to do! Anyways, I just took pictures with my ipad. ^_^

I'll Fly Away and Moulin Rouge with the candy Maggy sent me. Every time I order she sends candy =^_^=  She's so awesome! She has great customer service!
Cant wait to try on I'll Fly Away

There you have it guys! I can't decide which one I like better. I have never used yellow polish before. I kind of like it. hehe I'm hoping tomorrow I will have I'll Fly Away swatch ready. Toodles!
Link to purchase Moulin Rouge below


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