Sunday, January 6, 2013

Not blogging much for the next few months

To my real life friends, well, school starts tomorrow and I will be going through hell again with numerous deadlines and lots of stress. I'm really not looking forward to it. Its back to studying and doing homework 8 hours a day, not cleaning the house much and not cooking much for my husband much :(. I'm honestly unhappy to go back. Never thought I would say that lol but the way things run in this school I can't help but be unhappy. Anyways because I will be bombarded with a lot of homework, research papers, hours of studying, and making power point presentations for each month till the end of December of this year I will not be blogging much about nail polishes :( I will try to manage my time but with this school there is really no time for leisure. I really wish I could learn how to make these pretty nail polishes that I see a lot of girls doing. I would rather spend hours making beautiful nail polishes and sell them than to be in this school having to read 15 chapters in two weeks and having a midterm and then reading another 15 and then have a final over 30 chapters plus a post exam because this school like giving out two finals at the end of the month. Oh and between all that I have quizzes, research papers every week and power point presentations. *sigh* That's life I guess.

Anyways before I stop blogging for a while I wanted to write about my little shopping spree. Yesterday my hubby and I went out on a date to watch Texas Chain Massacre and then have dinner. I guess you can say we were celebrating our other anniversary. We got married twice in a small amount of time. We married through court and then we married again and had a wedding. Today is our actual anniversary. Anyways so I went to Sally's, a beauty shop and they had some polishes and glitters on sale. I bought two ORLY nail polishes and two different glitters that I will use to dip my finger in when I want it on my nail polish. lol I don't know how to make nail polish so I will settle for that. I also bought Burt Bees, hand therapy kit. I was super excited. ^_^  My hands a cuticles don't look as dry anymore. Anyways that's it for tonight. Bye!



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